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Voxer Business for Education provides panic chats, communication between districts and can help you keep tabs on students while on field trips.

Hosting a Global Conference on Voxer

Hosting a Global Conference on Voxer

by Tammy Neil There is no limit to what the educator community can achieve with Voxer! This summer, a dedicated team..

5 Ways to Use Voxer to Grow your Math Mindset

5 Ways to Use Voxer to Grow your Math Mindset

By Lisa Dabbs, Educational Consultant & Author I was introduced to Voxer in 2012, and began to use it on..

School Principals in Action: Getting Creative on Voxer

By Eric Ewald, Elementary School Principal Adam Welcome: “Hey bro, are you on Voxer?!” Me: “No…but I probably should be,..

Get to What Really Matters

By Kerry Gallagher, Digital Learning Specialist Early one school day morning, I was introduced to Voxer via an invitation from..

"Did I Hear a Niner In There?"

By Neil Gupta, Ohio School District Administrator My first journey in experiencing innovative communication was a pulley system that transported..

Deepening Professional Relationships Through Voxer

By Victoria Olson, Grade 3/4 Teacher In the Summer of 2013, I thought I had already found my professional development..

Voxer brings personality to quick communication

By Starr Sackstein, Journalism & English Teacher Since there is never enough time in a school day, educators must be..

Voxer Takes Connections to the Next Level

Pernille Ripp is a passionate educator, and self proclaimed ‘techy geek’. Over the summer, Pernille starting using Voxer as a..

Entrepreneurs use Voxer to Stay Connected During Silicon Valley Trip

Cassidy Uhl is a student in Don Wettrick’s Innovation class at Noblesville HS, and was chosen to join 15 other..