A School Communication App To Keep Your Staff In-Sync

A School Communication App To Keep Your Staff In-Sync

Getting back to the swing of things after a long hot summer can present challenges.  Which offers the question, what can you do in your school to make it even better than the year before? With so many moving parts to your day, everyone on your day and throughout your school needs to stay on the same page.  A brand-new year means different students (perhaps new teachers too), a new beginning and opportunities.

If you notice that you continually start off the new years on the right foot and think to yourself this year is going to be different and better than ever, just know, we all sometimes get sucked backed into our habitual patterns and quickly lose track of those new resolutions.  We believe school-wide communication is crucial to the success of your staff. Which is why you should consider making changes to the way your entire school communications. If you haven’t thought about migrating to a school communication app that streamlines your communication and allows for fluidity you may want to give it a chance.

Voxer is a School Communication App

We are a bit bias, but we think our own, Voxer can help navigate the rough waters of the school year like a tug boat. Consider this if, you’ve noticed your entire school experienced any communication hiccups during the past school year or communication may have not gone as smoothly as you hoped. It’s not late to take charge and ensure this year, your staff stays in sync.

If you are apprehensive about implementing an audio messaging app into your school or district-wide let us show you the value in replacing your old ways of communicating via email and traditional old school walkie talkies. A school communication app, like our Voxer, will not only strength rapport amongst colleagues but it will make sure your school year runs as smoothly as possible.

Here are some ways that your team will benefit by using a school communications app: 

Work Smarter

Consider eliminating email altogether or at least limit your email correspondence. We assure you this is not impossible. Email communication can be inefficient, unproductive and time-consuming as communication can become excessive and repetitive. With Voxer, you can have it all: efficiency, work-life balance, and rapid communication. 

With an audio messaging app you can communicate and connect instantly with your team with the push of a button and save time that you don’t have to waste. That way, you can concentrate on more important things, like being the great educational leaders you are already.


Manage Emergencies  

Does your entire school have a solid communication plan in place if an emergency arises? Nothing is more important than the safety of your students and staff which is why you should have nothing less than the utmost secure and reliable school communication system in place.  

Voxer can alleviate any stress that might be stress associated with making sure your entire staff receives messages with a moments notice.  Extreme Notification is a setting within Voxer sends persistent and loud notifications that will continue until the message has been heard or read.

Stay Informed

As the school year ramps up and your staff has papers to grade, sports teams to coach to offering after school help it can lead to a pile-up of emails. This will inevitably lead to an exhausted and overworked staff by the time your team attends daily, weekly or monthly meetings. 

Get important information in real-time or at your convenience. With Voxer you can see who has read or heard your messages with timestamps and geotags. Perfect for announcing snow delays, minimize chaos during afterschool pick-up and for keeping tabs on all students while on field trips. 

Voxer can be used on devices anywhere in the world with Wifi or data. Best of all, even if cell service is unavailable all messages are recorded,  saved and sent once connectivity is restored. You can even listen and reply to messages straight from your desktop.



Team Collaboration with a school messaging app

Share big wins and successes and offer feedback to your entire team. Celebrate soccer champions and statewide spelling bee winners. Send photos to your entire district or your Professional Learning Network with not only audio but text, photos, and videos. 

Do you still need convincing? 

Thankfully, as technologies advance, we can address flaws in school communication systems to provide educators and administrators the solutions they are seeking. As edtech becomes fully engrained in the education system and school communication apps play a more significate role, it would be advantageous to enhance your means of communication and streamline it through an audio messaging app.

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