How to Master Communication When Working in Distributed Workforces

How to Master Communication When Working in Distributed Workforces

Working cohesively is critical no matter what kind of industry you work. This is challenging for anyone who has ever worked in a distributed workforce. Communication barriers arise at the beat of a drum and can often be out of the dispatcher’s control. Develop a sound communication strategy with your entire team will help ensure tasks are complete.

As your dispersed team gets busier and has more on their plate, it can be difficult to do tasks at a rapid rate. Which is why it’s more important than ever to establish a dependable communication plan for your distributed team.

Here are a handful of ways you can master your distributed workforces communication:

Over Communicate

When you were a kid, did your Mom often tell you 10 different times to clean your room? More often than not, you heard her message. Perhaps you hadn’t had a chance to get to it or will get to it when it becomes a priority.

The same holds true when managing your team. You don’t need to inundate them with excessive or unnecessary information. Chances are, they see your point. Micro-managing your team can cause tension between you and your employees. Give employees space so that they can soar on their own and give them the basics. Since you already let them fly solo when on the field, it’s important to let them do their thing.

Instead of sending your employee’s multiple messages, try sending one. With a walkie talkie app (or audio messaging app) as opposed to a long-range two-way radio, it’s possible. When sending messages on an audio messaging app, you can send a message to a team or an individual once. They can replay the message over and over again if necessary.

Remember, more communication doesn’t mean better communication. In fact, it might be hindering your team’s ability to get tasks accomplished. Rather, relay applicable information to your team. That way, they can engulf themselves on the tasks at hand and boost productivity. 

Get a Technology Makeover for your Distributed Workforces

As a distributed workforce, we expect that you use some sort of walkie talkie or long-range radio. Yet, messages can get jumbled or worse, missed when relying on these devices. You may assume this classic device enhances your employee’s communication and task management. But, it may be inhibiting it more than you expect. Traditional walkie talkies are outdated, cumbersome, and inefficient. Worst of all, the batteries might die in mid-shift for an employee. The long-range two-way radios that you know and love are now passe.

We’d suggest your team gives a walkie talkie or audio messaging app a try. You’ll be shocked at the lev


el of efficiency and ease of use this brings to your entire team. This applies for team members on the go or deskbound.

Team members on the field will thank you for implementing this strategy. It will reduce the number of devices they are obligated to carry around. Nowadays, everyone pretty much has a smartphone in their pocket or hand at all times. Your team will thank you for decreasing the number of devices they carry around.

Best of all, this transition will increase your businesses overall profits. The BYOD to work movement is in full swing. Time to jump on the bandwagon. Companies who allow employees to BYOD to work save thousands of dollars per year.

Additionally, it will be a godsent to your dispatch team. Rather than having a walkie talkie attached to their hip they can sit deskbound. As an audio messaging app is desktop friendly.

Employees Claim Responsibility

Employees that roam freely need to take ownership of their responsibilities. They aren’t able to make excuses when they miss a message or don’t finish a task. They need to pull their own weight. Each team member is autonomous and responsible for their actions. There are many ways to improve the accountability of your team.

Employees that are accountable will perform better and their productivity will skyrocket.

One of the downsides of a traditional walkie talkie is that messages can be missed or ignored.  With an audio messaging app, you will know when messages are heard – with read receipts. So, they won’t be able to disregard messages.

Avoid Distractions

We don’t need to tell you how hard it is for individuals to focus these days. With so many distractions one’s attention is easily swayed. To ensure your communication is solid for your dispersed workforce, empower them to take a deep dive – and focus on the intended task. It will not only make your employees more efficient but it will help make a better overall customer experience.

When servicing a customer it can be a bit distracting to receive a message from dispatch. Your customers will take note. Eliminating unnecessary messages will make your customers feel number.  Cause hey, who likes getting disrupted mid-conversation?

An audio messaging app is a less invasive way to communicate with your team. The ‘Listen Later’ feature. Meaning, your employees can listen when they have time. Your customers will feel as though the focus is completely on them as opposed to the next job in their queue.

Ready to Make a Transition?

We understand the challenge of managing distributed workforces. If you haven’t taken the time to develop a solid communication plan, don’t hesitate. It is a surefire way to boost productivity, save money, and increase customer satisfaction.



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