Redefine the Walkie Talkie and Provide Better Customer Service

Redefine the Walkie Talkie and Provide Better Customer Service

Though walkie talkies have been around for decades, companies are now discovering how to reap their benefits in a new way. Walkie talkie apps are starting to be seen as the best technology to use for team communication within a business.

When a team communicates better, goals are more easily reached. Combining walkie talkies with smart devices has brought walkie talkie technology to a whole new plane, and in turn, the company and customer alike experiences the benefits.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

You would think that providing a pleasant customer experience is simple, all you have to do is provide them with what they are looking for. Unfortunately, the team member that they approach may not always have the ability to provide this for them. When this is the case, it is imperative that the issue can be solved smoothly with as little complication as possible.

Team walkie talkie apps help tremendously for this because they ensure:

No More Interruptions


Traditional walkie talkies are undeniably noisy. This can be very distracting for customers when they are trying to talk with an employee who is carrying one of these devices. With a simpler, less invasive way of communicating with your team, the customer will feel more comfortable.  With a ‘Listen Later’ feature, you can opt to turn walkie talkie mode off. Meaning your front desk staff can listen when they have a moment vs. while in the middle of assisting a customer.

Connect Quickly and Ensure Accountability



Employees sending messages will know when it is received and by who with the confirmation of timestamps and geotags. This not only allows the team member to keep the customer updated on how close they are to a solution, but it also keeps those on the other end accountable for performing their side of the transaction.

Make it Easy to Find the Answers You Need


It is not always guaranteed that the managers and team leaders on site are going to be able to fully assist a customer. Sometimes, it may be necessary to reach out to another location or office across town or even out of state. A walkie talkie app makes correspondence quick and easy. Attempting to reach someone through the phone does not always guarantee a connection, but with team communication messaging, those you reach out to will be much easier to access.

Your Team and Customers Both Benefit

By streamlining your team’s communication with a walkie talkie app specifically engineered for business, both the customer and your team will experience how easy it makes things for them. Not only your customers will benefit, but the team serving the customers will find themselves able to perform their jobs better, because:

  • Ease in communication provides a higher functioning, positive, and more successful team
  • Team members will no longer have multiple devices to keep track of because the app will be directly downloaded onto their personal device or one provided by the company (such as an iPod, iPad, or desktop)
  • Not being able to accomplish something on your own can be frustrating, but help is accessible with the push of a button


For a business, there is nothing more valuable than a high functioning team and happy customers. (See: The Complete Guide to Better Team Communication) Using a walkie talkie app for your team’s communication can provide you with both. There is a reason why this is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of communication across every industry.

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