What is an Audio Messaging App?

What is an Audio Messaging App?

For traditional office workers, communication isn’t normally a major concern. After all, much of their time is spent at their desks, where a computer and telephone are literally within reach. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Other industries don’t rely quite so closely on desk work to function, and with mobility and convenience so integral to how these businesses function, it’s becoming more and more important to identify some efficient communication solutions for deskless workers. If the very nature of your business depends on your workers staying on top of each task, then you should consider the power that an audio messaging app can bring to your work.

These systems are quickly gaining in popularity, in large part because of how superior they are to many other leading team collaboration tools. Yet, there’s a strong chance you may not be familiar with what an audio messaging app is or how it can benefit your business.

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We’re so confident in the positive impact that the addition of an audio messaging app would have on your company that we want to discuss a bit more about what they are, how they work and who exactly should consider using an audio messaging app. Then perhaps you’ll be better able to picture how such a system might change your business for the better.

Introducing Audio Messaging


Audio messaging may sound complicated, but don’t worry: it’s actually a lot simpler than it seems. Your company may have been using traditional walkie talkies for years, under the assumption that this was the best option on the market. That’s simply no longer the case, for a variety of reasons. From the bulkiness of this equipment to the unreliable sound quality it can create, long range walkie talkies are an outdated bit of technology. To do its best work, your team needs to be outfitted with the means to do its job to the very best of its ability.

To that end, think of audio messaging apps as walkie talkie apps. They fulfill the same function as old-school walkie talkies, modernizing the concept while retaining everything that made them such mainstays of the business world. But, instead of making you purchase additional hardware, audio messaging apps utilize the mobile devices that you and your team already carry. Much like a walkie talkie, just push to talk and send your voice message — live or recorded — to selected users or groups instantly. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about a message getting lost because everything is automatically recorded for future playback.

That’s not all though. An audio messaging app (yes, like our own Voxer) can reach far beyond just the recorded voice. You’ll also be able to share text messages, photos, videos and even your location with other users. In your business, this means your team will enjoy the most comprehensive means of communication imaginable. Many audio messaging apps are available as free downloads for either iOS or Android devices. Then, to transmit data, just connect to WiFi or a cellular data network, and your message will be delivered anywhere around the world. It’s that easy.

Now that we’ve discussed what an audio messaging app is and briefly reviewed how it works, what is the end result of it all? Why should you invest in this tool for your business?

The answer: because it singlehandedly revolutionizes your approach to customer service.

Your team will be able to act in an instance to ensure that standards of service are upheld at all times. If one of your team members needs assistance, they can request it without ever leaving their post. The potential for increased accountability and collaboration is infinite. So, while an audio messaging app may seem at first like its a back-end tool with little real impact on your customers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A World of Applications


In fact, an audio messaging app is such a game-changer that it can actually be applied to a wide variety of industries. If your business requires constant customer attention, heavily involves safety regulations or could benefit from smoother, simpler communication among team members, then you can certainly benefit from such a system. Truly, any medium-to-large sized team should consider it a must-have, but let’s look at a few examples of industries that an audio messaging app appears to be virtually tailor-made for.

  • Hotels: With around-the-clock customer service and a sprawling team that covers everything from the front desk to housekeeping, this is perhaps one of the industries that could most do with a real-time communication upgrade. Deliver the ultimate customer experience when you have an audio messaging app in your corner.
  • Transportation: When you’re always on the move, it’s absolutely essential that you are able to connect with your management and fellow team members. Plus, the hands-free technology involved with most audio messaging apps maximizes convenience without compromising safety.
  • Field Services: We’ve mentioned earlier that any team that operates out in the field — no matter what the specialty is — really needs a tool like an audio messaging app. The limitless reach and pristine sound ensures that you never have to second-guess about the whereabouts of anyone in your remote team.
  • Construction: In this industry, miscommunication can result in disaster, including safety issues that may put workers’ lives at risk. That’s why a system that offers live and recorded audio messages is so valuable. It eliminates any concern that something important will be missed or misheard.
  • Education: Team collaboration is really at the heart of any successful team, and few roles are as impactful on others as those in the educational sector. With an audio messaging app, your faculty will be more connected. This streamlined attention to detail will provide you with the means to deliver better care to students.
  • Non-governmental organizations: The larger presence your NGO has, the more necessary it is to have a versatile tool like an audio messaging app working for you. Because you operate across time zones, you need the capability to connect instantly and stay focused on your mission rather than complicated administrative tasks.
  • Delivery: Much like field services, you need a system like this if deliveries are key to your business. Keeping track of your delivery personnel — including their location — has never been easier, and you can also verify that packages were delivered with photo messaging as well. Don’t undervalue the peace of mind you’ll receive with this app.
  • Logistics: Complexity can breed trouble for any business if left unchecked. But an audio messaging app can simplify everything, thanks to its read receipts and detailed archives. If logistics are an integral part of your business, you’ll want a system like this to help streamline all the processes involved in keeping your team productive and on task.

Of course, these are just some examples of the industries that might function so much better with an intuitive system like an audio messaging app. When your business includes an extensive team or multiple locations (even within a single building), this system boils all those resources down to its purest essence, enabling you to bring your team together for a common purpose.

No matter how many people you employ or how convoluted your work days may get, an audio messaging app will make this more manageable. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your business is covered, and your team will be able to shine brighter than before.

Productivity Boost

boost-your-communicationNow that you have a clearer idea of what an audio messaging app is and how it can tremendously improve how you conduct business and manage your team, we imagine you’re that much closer to stepping up and deciding to integrate this technology into your existing infrastructure.

Once you see how an audio messaging app unites your team, you’ll likely be astounded at the difference. Communication is always key in the successful management of any business, and no tool offers the same clarity and consistency as these systems. If your end goal is to create the most efficient team possible, then you absolutely need to consider switching to an audio messaging app and ditching the walkie talkies.

So much of your company’s performance to date can be chalked up to the team you’ve assembled or your own management style. However, if you’ve found your growth reaching a plateau, the blame may lie with the tools you’ve been using. Through no fault of you and your team, you may have reached the limit of what you can accomplish without significant upgrades. In some cases, reevaluating your processes with fresh eyes can reveal opportunities to help your business flourish like never before.

No matter what product or service you specialize in, your true value is your productivity. Even though you can never create more time, enhancements to your team go a long way towards opening up your schedule and soaring past your competitors to get more done better and faster than you could’ve dreamed.

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