How to Clearly Communicate in Conference Management

How to Clearly Communicate in Conference Management

*Updated 9.19.19

Anyone who has ever worked in event planning and management knows how many logistical pieces are in play when hosting a successful event. Alignment can be tricky without fast and efficient communication to put all of the moving events of the day into play. Event planners and staff have long relied on two-way radios or walkie talkies to manage their conference management needs. But in the age of smartphones and ever-advancing technologies, walkies talkies are cumbersome, outdated and have limited capabilities.

The Problem With Walkie Talkies

When organizing a large scale event it can be difficult to not have a run-in with the dreaded dead zone. Say, for instance, you were sprawling across 642 acres like at Coachella. How would your team effectively communicate? Would you just cross your fingers and hope your team got the message? No! You’d want to be absolutely certain that all team members were in the loop. 

On traditional walkies talkies, there is no way to provide accountability for your staff. You are essentially hoping that they’ve gotten the memo, are ready to leap into action when issues emerge or a project needs to be executed on the double. Here are just a few of the common pitfalls your team might face using long-range two-way radios. 

Range Restrictions: Walkie talkies and two-way radios have a range of approximately 100 feet. That number may significantly decrease if your range is limited by physical barriers or landmarks. 


Interruptions Galore: With a steady stream of information getting thrown your way at all times when you are hustling to put on an amazing event. Messages blaring out at you can become a distractor as opposed to an inhibitor of getting tasks accomplished, ready for kick-off, and even providing support throughout the entire event. What’s worse, if an event is particularly noisy, messages can be missed, leaving staff clueless and missing critical details. 

Costly: Radios are expensive. Renting radios for a single event can cost up to $250.00 while buying radios is exponentially more expensive with thousands of dollars in annual licensing fees and hundreds of dollars spent per radio. When you have a staff of 200 that’s a pretty mighty feat for a two-day event. 

This begs the question, why leave your entire team vulnerable to communication errors? 

If you are looking at ways to clearly communicate in conference management settings, then you will want to consider the following on why you should migrate your entire team onto a push-to-talk, walkie talkie app.

The Solution to Communicate Clearly in Conference Management

How does a push to talk app work you ask?  Like, a traditional walkie talkie you can transmit your voice and reach your team, however, with a push to talk app, there are no range limitations. Rather than investing in bulky hardware, you can imbue your smart device. All you need is a cellular data network or WiFi. Capture your voice live. Everything is automatically recorded so you can listen to the message as needed. Eliminating large communication issues that might be faced when in a fast-paced setting. 

We might be a bit bias, but the best solution to communicate clearly would be by implementing a push to talk solution for your team. Imagine some of the ways that you can communicate with your team with a push-to-talk app:



Clear communication in conference management requires that teams are in-sync and that overall efficiency is a priority and not an afterthought. As anyone who builds or works on large scall events team members know that not everyone is typically in the same place at the same time and knowing one’s whereabouts is daunting. Regardless if, your team is spread throughout a convention center or sprawling across mountainous landscapes. 

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It’s important to ensure that all teams are in-sync at the time of the event so that the overall performance of employees can be improved

With a modernized version of the walkie talkies, you know in love it’s a cost-saving measure where you can put money back in your pocket.

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