5 Reasons Why Your On-Demand Business Needs Real-Time Voice Communication

5  Reasons Why Your On-Demand Business Needs Real-Time Voice Communication

One of the most important decisions an on-demand business has to make is how to effectively communicate between field employees and their support team.  

For a mobile workforce who is often engaged in time-sensitive activities involving customer service, and might need to connect with their support team immediately whenever a problem arises, having an instant communication tool has a direct effect on the bottom line. Each minute of wasted time with unanswered phone calls or pausing to send a text message decreases efficiency and ultimately increases costs.

Voxer PRO is the most efficient way to communicate during urgent situations and is a quick and effective alternative to phone calls and conventional texting.

What is Voxer PRO?

Voxer is a walkie-talkie style messenger for Android, iOS, and desktop browsers. It’s the fastest way to communicate using your voice. Simply push a button and you are talking with your mobile team. No more missed phone calls or time consuming text messages. Voxer can be used anywhere a team member is connected with WiFi or wireless network on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Voxer PRO is the premium version of Voxer, packaged with additional features to optimize team communication.

Here are five simple ways Voxer PRO can dramatically reduce inefficiency for on-demand delivery businesses:

#1 Deliver Premium Customer Service

Voice provides clarity in tone and intent that texting does not. However phone calls can be a huge time waster. With each phone call, time is wasted dialing, waiting for answer, exchanging pleasantries, leaving a voicemail, and so on. This is expensive and inefficient especially when customer service is paramount.

With Voxer, your voice can be heard in real-time, plus the audio is simultaneously saved as a message. You can cut to the chase and focus on the task at hand.

#2 Improve Collaboration with Remote Teams

Remote teams are often on-the-go and travel in areas with poor network connectivity. Voxer will always deliver a message, meaning network dead zones are not an issue. The messages are immediately sent as soon as the device has a network signal. No more dropped calls – with Voxer, your audio messages will be transmitted.

Along with sending to-the-point live audio messages, with Voxer,  you can find solutions to problems on the field more easily and give better directions with visual help from text, video, and photo messaging. All Voxer messages are timestamped and geotagged. Along with the help of read receipts you have complete access to the location of your team members, exactly when messages were exchanged, and if /when the messages have been consumed.

Our browser-based application brings Voxer to your computer, and it’s the perfect tool for desk-based support teams who have to monitor multiple conversations at once.

#3 Efficient Hands-Free Operation

Another big hurdle for field team operations is handling communications with headquarters while working, or making deliveries. For instance, text messages require both hands to transmit even short snippets and often miss to convey valuable meaning and urgency. It’s a complete show stopper while on the job, and unsafe (and illegal) while driving.

Voxer offers walkie-talkie functionality that streams messages hands-free into a headset or lapel speaker, even if the device is locked in your pocket. Quickly engage with messages with one-touch operation on your headphone mic.

#4 Administrative Control for Your Team

Getting your team set up with Voxer PRO takes just a few minutes. Users just have to download the app to their device. As the admin, you can organize your employees into functional teams as you create large group chats, add and remove chat participants, moderate conversations, broadcast one-way messages, and manage centralized payments.

#5 State-of-the-Art Messaging Privacy

Voxer offers end-to-end encrypted messaging using the gold standard of message encryption. With ‘Private Chats’, messages cannot be seen or heard by anyone but the recipient of the message.  Any sensitive information regarding customers’ addresses and delivery subject matters are fully encrypted.

Want more reasons?

These are just a handful of ways that Voxer PRO can substantially help improve business communications for the on-demand economy.


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