How-to Get Rid of Email Overload in the Workplace

How-to Get Rid of Email Overload in the Workplace

Email overload in the workplace can give you brain freeze similar to a 7-Eleven slurpee. It hits, fast, hard and out of know where.

Email overload in the workplace?

How many emails  do you receive in a day? Take a good guess. How many of those emails do you need to respond to? A handful here or there? 

Do you often find yourself drowning in a sea of promotional emails, gasping for fresh air?

Next thing you know, you have 21,458 unread emails and not sure how you got there and – it’s hard to come back from that. Most emails that end up in your inbox are non-actionable, task-oriented or for team collaboration. 99% of the time you don’t need to take action. Resulting in a headache and an email overload in your workplace. 

We spend so much time attached to our inbox that it can become a distractor. Important emails fall to the wayside because we can no longer keep up. 

Ways to eliminate email overload in the workplace

Invest in a reliable communication app

Voxer is a walkie talkie app for high performance teams. It combines live voice, text, photos, videos so that you can communicate with your team with ease. Eliminating back and forth emails.

Voxer reduces email overload in the workplace

Find ease in your workflow with Asana

Asana is a content and workflow management system. It allows you to create, delegate, organize and assign tasks. Create project-related groups and assign tasks to individuals or a group and deadlines.

Make a PBJ sandwich with Voxer + Asana + Zapier 

Zapier is an automation tool that connects all your apps. Allowing them to work together so that you reduce the amount of time you spend on everyday tasks.

Fun zaps to create with Voxer + Asana: 

  1. Every time you complete a task in Asana you get a message notification in your Voxer group chat
  2. When add a new project a notification will get sent into Voxer
  3. Anytime someone directs a question to you – skip out the middle man (email). Receive an alert straight into your Voxer account.

….and so many more!

Spend less time in your inbox and more time being productive. Eliminate email overload in the workplace and let these apps work together for maximum productivity. 

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