Efficient Team Communication is Already in Your Hands

Efficient Team Communication is Already in Your Hands

Anyone that works in a team environment has experienced the struggle that ensues from lack of communication or inefficient communication. In order for a team to function properly, a communication system must be solidified, reviewed, and continually optimized. There are a number of ways that managers attempt to accomplish this, but unfortunately, most of them are flawed.

Thankfully, technological advances continue to address these flaws to provide teams with the solutions they are searching for. But we aren’t talking about ditching your old walkie talkies and using your smartphone… So what are we suggesting?

Use an App Geared Toward Team Communication




Digital walkie talkie apps for business provide an optimized version of the convenience that your traditional walkie talkie once did, as well as what your current smartphone does. If you choose to utilize an app made for team communication, you will experience:

More time. The more steps a task includes, the more time it will take. If you are going to send a text message, there are a handful of buttons you have to push on your phone before being able to do so. A walkie talkie app provides you with the ability to access messages without having to constantly unlock your device. Furthermore, being able to communicate efficiently eliminates the need to perform all of the tasks yourself, giving you more time to focus on the ones that truly require your attention.

Overall efficiency. With a communication tool that is effortless, productivity will inevitably increase. The fact that your team’s messages are the only communication being held within this app will eliminate interruptions and disorganization.

Everyone on the Team Experiences the Benefits

Whether you are a team member, manager, or company owner, you will experience the benefits of proper team communication.



Team members. Fellow workers are not always in the same place at the same time. For instance, on a construction site, those who need to communicate are often spread miles apart. An app will allow them to connect to each other instantly, no matter where they are. Messages will be stored on the team members’ personal devices so they can never be lost or missed.



Managers. A manager always needs to be informed about what is going on with their team. They are never out of touch with the business, even after every team member has gone home to bed. There is a lot to keep track of, however, and a manager’s eyes and ears can’t be everywhere at the same time.  A walkie-talkie app will always record interactions between the team, so the manager is always able to monitor activity. This comes in handy to ensure accountability and dispute resolution, as well as assuring that all tasks are being accomplished accordingly.



Company owners. Due to the fact that this technology runs on the team member’s own device, fewer devices will need to be provided and accounted for. This also means that employees will be easier to reach, ensuring responsiveness and accountability. At the end of the day, this accessibility is sure to improve customer satisfaction and a smoother work environment for all.

Every company runs better when they implement a team mentality. Whether big or small, viewing all workers as a team keeps each person on task and fully committed to the same goals. Jump on the bandwagon and experience how a team communication app can further your team’s efficiency.

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