Walkie Talkie App: Turn Your Smart Device into a Two-Way Radio

Walkie Talkie App: Turn Your Smart Device into a Two-Way Radio

Any business owner or manager who’s been at it awhile can tell you how critical team communication is to maximizing your productivity. But what happens when the tools we have come to rely on have failed to evolve with the times? Technology starts to become more of a hindrance than a help, complicating matters by severing the ties between your team members.

Take traditional walkie talkies, for instance. For the longest time, this was considered the most efficient way to keep your entire team on the same page. If your employees all stayed in range at least, you could ostensibly reach anyone at any moment. Persistent issues like garbled sound, missed messages or resulting miscommunication never outweighed the benefits of using these tools.

This is simply not the case anymore. As technology has evolved, so too must your business, lest your fall far behind your competition. No matter what field you specialize in, what was once considered the standard communication tool has quickly become stale and outdated. But if walkie talkies — also known as two-way radios — are not your best option, what is?

As it turns out, there is a tool out there that combines the best functionality of walkie talkies and with today’s sharpest technological advancements. More than just a more effective way to communicate with and manage your team, walkie talkie apps also allow you to leverage your team’s smart devices and transform them into your most powerful communication tool.

Want to learn more about how walkie talkie apps work? Well, let’s break down some of their key features.

Communication Redefined

Connect-to-DisconnectJust as traditional walkie talkies can transmit your voice across a designated audio channel, a walkie talkie app can similarly reach team members no matter where they are. However, rather than investing in bulky hardware (and all the maintenance, repair and replacement costs that this entails), you can imbue your smart devices with this capability. All you need is to download the app onto your device and be connected to WiFi or a cellular data network.

Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and other devices, your walkie talkie app can even capture your voice message live or recorded. Then you’re just a button push away from sending your voice message — or text message, photo, video or location — to selected users or groups instantly. Everything is automatically recorded for future reference too. So you’ll never have to worry about miscommunication issues.

Part of what makes this comprehensive approach to communication so powerful is its widespread application. Regardless of what industry you’re a part of, a walkie talkie app can greatly improve how your team works together and how you serve your customers (more on that in a moment). Imagine how much hotel staff would be able to employ such a tool to facilitate task management. What about a transportation company, with vehicles on the road all the time? Or construction, wherein you need to act fast to stay on schedule and maintain a safe working environment? These examples are just the beginning of how your team could stay ahead of the curve with a walkie talkie app.

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

With any business, you really owe your success to your customers. They’re the ones who make everything your company accomplishes possible, but sometimes, companies like yours tend to forget to focus on delivering a superior customer experience. So even now you might be mistaken in thinking that a walkie talkie app has more back-end relevance than anything else when, in fact, this single addition may change your entire perspective on customer service.

If your team ever encounters a situation where a customer needs swift action to address their concerns, answer their questions or provide any other kind of assistance, you’ll be able to leap into action or request that any available team members do the same. Without ever having to leave your current task, you can ensure maximum coverage. This helps maintain your standards of service and opens your team up to enhanced accountability and collaboration.

When you and your team work in tandem with each other, you’re better able to divide and conquer. Getting everything done each day can be a challenge, and you can either constantly struggle to make the most of your team or take a step back and consider outfitting them with the tools they need to act as one. Without the unifying power of a walkie talkie app, your team amounts to little more than a collection of individuals, each with their own roles and responsibilities. But with such an app, you’re all in it together day in and day out as it should be.

Streamlining Your Processes

We’ve touched briefly on how a walkie talkie app can change the way you run your business behind the scenes but may have been under-selling the significance it has on your bottom line. By eliminating the need for traditional walkie talkies, you’re already saving your company money, and this is even before you factor in elements like increased customer retention from a faster response time.

You’re also able to find more time to devote to other tasks, hence the marked increase in productivity for companies that use a walkie talkie app. Since you’re able to better delegate and address any issues that may pop up, your team will be in a better position to spend some time identifying opportunities for process improvements and the long-term growth of your business. No more need to worry about interruption or organizational snafus.

The benefits of bringing a walkie talkie app into your business extend across your entire company too. From the on-the-ground team members who are busy running around and tending to customers to the managers and company owners charged with overseeing your business and keeping it financially viable, a walkie talkie app is a godsend for all.

Look at your walkie talkie app as a kind of knowledge delivery system. You obviously can’t expect to please customers or dispatch a team member to complete a task or resolve a conflict if you don’t know what’s happening, who’s involved and where. Now you can act decisively and, perhaps, grasp a more streamlined form of operation.

Looking Toward the Future

The business landscape is changing at a fairly rapid pace. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the old days of traditional nine-to-five desk jobs are on the wane. Mobility is key to attracting today’s workers and, as it turns out, to tending to customers’ needs in an immediate, satisfying manner. So it’s more vital than ever for you to adopt a more flexible communication solution for your business.

Studies show that workers who are able to move around more are happier, more fulfilled and more productive. Having a walkie talkie app on hand can facilitate this objective, leaving your team with all the flexibility it needs to act when the situation calls for it. Just think of how much more you’ll get done when you have a walkie talkie app available to you.

Modernizing your system is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of having a walkie talkie app as an integral part of your business, in part because of how it helps you compete within your industry. As we mentioned earlier, outdated technology weighs you down and limits your team’s (and your company’s) potential to succeed, to grow and to simply get things done.

Your team and your business will achieve a sharper focus and will be playing into industry-wide trends. We would never suggest that you should follow trends blindly, but this is one case in which your company would only be doing your workers a favor by embracing emerging technology and keeping up with your contemporaries. The subsequent results will speak for themselves.

Working Smart

You may have never even considered the possibility that one of your company’s most powerful communication tools had been residing in your pocket the entire time. But you and your team’s smart devices can actually wind up making a major impact on your productivity, enabling you to stay connected in a far more effective way than your traditional walkie talkies could have ever achieved.

With just a simple push of a button, you’ll be channeling the spirit of walkie talkies on your own two-way radio app. Don’t look at it so much as a change as an opportunity to take your company’s product or service to an exciting new level. Smoother communication leads to enhanced productivity, and that means that you’ll be able to finally save money and make time to chart a promising new course for your company.

To accomplish any kind of goals (but especially long-term ones), your team needs to be outfitted with the right tools. Otherwise, they are destined to fall short of customer expectations and management hopes. Until today, you might not have even known that a team communication app was on the market, let alone a viable way to streamline your business operation.

Such is the nature of business. It is a fickle beast, one which will change without warning and which requires you to rise to meet it in order to become triumphant. Implementing a walkie talkie app might feel like a drastic change at first, but all you need to do is change your perspective to see it for the momentous step forward it really is.

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