Transcribe audio messages into text with this new PRO feature

Transcribe audio messages into text with this new PRO feature

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new PRO feature: Voice-to-Text Transcription. This very useful feature transcribes your audio messages into text – so you can read them rather than listen to them.

Transcription has been near the top of our customers’ wishlist. Today, we’re making it easier for you to consume messages more efficiently. Transcription is available for Voxer PRO customers on iOS 10 and above, with the latest app update.  It will be coming to Android users and Voxer for web soon.

With voice-to-text transcription, Voxer PRO customers can see a written copy of audio messages instead of listening to them.

To get started, open a chat, tap on the message details, and select ‘transcribe’. The first 30 seconds of the audio message is converted into text instantaneously. Although accurate transcription is sometimes challenging, most users should get the overall meaning of what is being said when they read the transcribed text. All audio messages can be transcribed, with the exception of Private Chat messages (as these are end-to-end encrypted).

Without a doubt, your voice is the fastest way to communicate. It captures the intonation, clarity and emphasis that text simply can’t. With Voxer, audio messaging it’s as easy as tapping the ‘talk’ button. Your voice is delivered ‘live’ – while you’re speaking, so recipients can listen immediately. In addition, all messages are saved for later playback.

There are times, however, when listening to audio can be impractical. This new feature gives users an incredible useful tool to engage with messages, for those times when listening to audio just isn’t ideal.

Here is what you need to use the voice-to-text transcription feature:

  • Be a Voxer PRO customer
  • Be on the latest version of Voxer for iOS
  • Have a mobile device on iOS 10 or above
  • Transcription is available in U.S. English and Canadian English only

Get started with voice-to-text transcription:

  1. Open a chat, select an audio message you want to transcribe
  2. Tap on message details (arrow on the right-hand side)
  3. Select ‘transcribe’. The first 30 seconds of the audio message will be converted into text instantaneously


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29 thoughts on “Transcribe audio messages into text with this new PRO feature

  1. Hi! Wondering why it only does the first 30 seconds, any plans to transcribe the full length? Or can we set a limit of 30 seconds for messages to us?

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