Private Chats: The First Walkie-Talkie Messenger with End-to-End Encryption

Private Chats: The First Walkie-Talkie Messenger with End-to-End Encryption

Voxer is proud to roll out Private Chats: end-to-end encrypted chats, available now for everyone on the latest version of Voxer for iOS and Android.

While all Voxer messages are secure, when you create a Private Chat, only the person who is receiving your message can listen, read, or see it. No one else. Not even us. That’s end-to-end encryption.

Encryption is one of the most important issues today with increasing cases of digital information being improperly accessed or stolen. This technology is one of the most effective ways to achieve data security from hackers and cybercriminals, and reaffirm our digital civil liberties against mass surveillance.

Private Chats use the encryption protocol known as Signal, an open-source encryption technology created by Open Whisper Systems.

This method of encryption ensures the data is encrypted on your device and it is not decrypted until it safely reaches its destination.

These chats are an opt-in feature activated on a per chat basis. We made it this way in order to keep available the seamless cross-platform functionally and chat history that is so valuable to so many of our users.

The content of Private Chats cannot be shared, forwarded, or synced with any other device. Logging out of your Voxer account will erase all of the content in a Private Chat.

Today, Private Chats are available for one-on-one conversations on iOS and Android devices. We are working to expanding  this feature to group chats soon.

Nine years ago, Voxer invented something called Live Messaging. We created a new conversation mechanism that could stream media live (similar to standard telephony) and that also behaved like a messaging system since the media is also stored. Voxer has over 180 patents in this area and the result is the fastest, most convenient way to communicate using your voice.  With Private Chats, this content is now end-to-end encrypted.

We have always put the privacy of our users in utmost priority. We are proud to launch Private Chats, and to give our customers the most secure walkie-talkie messenger, ever.

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