It’s a New Year and the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Team’s Communication

It’s a New Year and the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Team’s Communication

A new year means new resolutions. Yet by February, most people have long since forgotten these promises they made to improve their lives, both business and personal. Why not make this year the year that your resolutions actually stick?

Resolve to do something that truly benefits your business. As businesses go digital, apps begin playing a more significant role. Now’s the time to enhance your means of communication and streamline your operations via a team communication app.

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Better Communication: Push to Talk

Push to talk (PTT) technology is similar to the walkie talkies you used as a child — but better, with more features and a virtually limitless range of reception. PTT apps convert your phone into a one-button walkie-talkie. Simply press a button and connect to your team.

This approach eliminates the text-email-call cycle. It also makes it easier to set clear boundaries. You’re available during certain hours and can respond immediately. Communicate quickly, simply, and without an endless stream of texts and voicemails. PTT empowers you to get it done.

How PTT Saves Time

You already know that texting wastes time, especially when it’s a supplement to emailing and phone calls. So why not resolve to end the cycle and stop the madness. Get off the gerbil wheel of rapid communication and start communicating effectively. This New Year, you deserve it.

PTT saves time by allowing you to directly communicate with the push of a button. That means more time to begin new projects, to network, to work on marketing projects.



We all live with the frustrations of sudden interruptions and endless “urgent” communications. PTT streamlines the communication process in a way that traditional walkie talkies never could.

How Does a Walkie Talkie App Save Money?

Who doesn’t love a money-saving New Year’s resolution?

PTT, the modern-day equivalent of walkie talkies, is more than just a gimmick or the next big thing. It’s a cost-saving measure that can put money back in your pocket. Here’s how:

  • PTT means fewer missed connections — with your team, your vendors, or your customers. A rapid response indirectly increases your ability to turn a profit.
  • Time is money. Indeed, it is the most valuable and finite asset any of us have. How much do you bill for your time? How much time do you lose with each minute you spend asking for someone to repeat their message? Spend your time on revenue generation instead.
  • Paying for a PTT app may mean you no longer have to pay for walkie talkies and other devices. No more maintenance and replacement costs.
  • The time we all waste texting, emailing, and endlessly trying to communicate can quickly add up to many hours each week. Giving yourself more time means more time to focus on the tasks that really matter — the ones that generate revenue, not frustration.

Improve Customer Experience

Sooner or later it happens to every business: a customer gets bounced from person to person. Endless notifications are sent. The record of whom they’ve spoken to and when is shoddy, or nonexistent. No one knows what’s going on because communication takes place across multiple devices. You can’t blame a customer for getting frustrated.

A Better Experience is Already in Your Pocket

Numerous companies have already caught on to the myriad of benefits of PTT technology. You’ve probably already seen commercials for PTT options on smartphone plans. This speaks to the way that PTT is already revolutionizing the way we do business.

But before you invest in a new plan for all your devices — or worse, a whole new slate of devices with built-in PTT capabilities, consider this: if you want to save money this New Year, if you want to have more to reinvest in your business, don’t shell out even more money.

The PTT solution you need is already in your pocket.

With a PTT app for business, you don’t have to pay for new equipment. Simply install the app and start communicating. Voxer’s app is compatible with all devices and works across all networks. Transform what you already have into a functional communication system.

Other Communication Resolutions

Since you’re looking at investing in PTT and streamlining communications, you might want to consider adopting a few other resolutions that save money, reduce stress, and give you back your precious time. Further improve your team’s communications by:

  • Developing a company-wide communication policy. Who responds to whom? What is the expected timeline? What are your preferred communication tools?
  • Establishing a clear chain of command and escalation hierarchy for customer service issues, requests, sales, and other common issues. Your team should know exactly whom to contact for each issue. If they don’t, there are holes in your communication plan. Those holes are like holes in a pocket full of money–they drain your resources.
  • Take some time to think about your company communication culture. Are you efficient? Or do you waste time in endless meetings? Often the problem is that employees feel like they have to use time, rather than achieve specific goals. Consider what you can do this year to shift your company culture toward efficiency.
  • How well does your team communicate? Are you able to be direct? Does everyone feel comfortable sharing concerns? Or do people fear certain team members or communicate with passive-aggression? What can you do to further streamline communications by improving the way your team communicates?

Get Rid of Useless Equipment

Upgrading to a new PTT app offers another significant source of cost savings: you may be able to get rid of old equipment. That means no more repairs, no more endless boxes lying around, no more frustration. And when it’s time to renew all those expensive device contracts, you can finally free yourself. Many companies expend significant resources managing dated technology and storing old devices. A push-to-talk app offers you the chance to do a little cleaning, getting rid of the clutter and focusing on only the devices you absolutely need.

Your New Year’s Resolution Really Can Improve Your Business

With dozens of push-to-talk options, what makes Voxer different? As an app, we already have a strong advantage because we don’t require you to invest in new equipment or sign any contracts. The benefits don’t end there. We aim to tackle all of your communication woes, so you can enjoy running your business and communicating with your team.



We proudly stand head and shoulders above the competition. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We support bring your own device. More and more companies are asking staff to supply their own devices to save time, money, and endless hassle. Our app is compatible on every device, so there’s no need to upgrade everyone to a new phone.
  • Exceptional customer support.
  • Same-day upgrade. Forget about unboxing endless devices or trying to install complex programs. Our apps allow you to upgrade today.
  • Privacy and security. Create a private network, and send encrypted messages.
  • Media messages. Don’t limit yourself to talking. You can send media, too.
  • Voice-to-text transcription.
  • 14-day free trial. We’re so confident that you’ll love Voxer that we give it to you for free. No obligation and no upfront payments, just a chance to see our app for yourself.
  • Message unused capacity.
  • Headset integration. Wired or Bluetooth headsets are both compatible with our app and empower you to respond totally hands-free.
  • Participate in large group chats of up to 500 individuals.
  • No need to sign carrier contracts. Install on any phone and use on any data network.
  • Web access. Review communications at your desk.
  • And more!

Traditional walkie-talkies are inadequate. Texting is inconvenient and impractical. Calling wastes time and resources. A push-to-talk app is the wave of the future. So ride that wave into the New Year with Voxer. Ready to get started? Calculate how much Voxer can save you!

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