Is it Time to Switch to an Audio Messaging App?

Is it Time to Switch to an Audio Messaging App?

When you think of walkie talkies what immediately comes to your mind? Is it the nostalgia from the once-beloved game you played with the kids in your neighborhood? Or maybe, you still use them as you work in an industry that not only requires walkie talkies but it is absolutely essential to communicate within your team. Whatever the case may be, the traditional walkie talkies that we know and love have come a long way since it’s inception. As technology blossoms so do the tools we use every day. If you haven’t thought about using a walkie talkie app, or an audio messaging app for your team communication, it’s time to change your technology mindset and give it a try. We’re confident that we have the solution you need to increase efficiency amongst your team and improve productivity. 

Unintended consequences of solely relying on PTT devices

If you work in an industry that requires communication through walkie talkies you may already know some of the downsides to communication. However, it does not need to be this way. There are different ways to communicate with your on-demand teams that don’t depend on antiquated and clunky two-way walkie talkies. If your team hasn’t considered upgrading to an audio messaging app, you may want to reconsider as your tool might be lacking some of the following: 

Missed Messages and Dropped Calls: Attempting to reach an employee via walkie talkie doesn’t always ensure your team member has received the message. Traditional walkie talkies only allow communication between a set distance and have mileage constraints. If your team tends to work in areas where there is limited cellular service, you may be subject to numerous dropped calls and potentially miss critical messages or updates.   

Maintenance and Replacements: It’s not uncommon for your team’s walkie talkies to get misplaced or damaged. Your employees might not be considering the overhead costs when they are using them for everyday communication. Higher-end walkie talkies will set your company back at a minimum of $400 apiece. 

Constant Interruptions: High volume chatter can lead to employees tuning out messages sent to a channel. If half of the time, a message does not apply to them, the likelihood they will hear a message directed towards them is slim to none. Unfortunately, traditional walkie talkies don’t allow for you to pick and choose who hears what – leading to information overload and a headache for most managers. 

Benefits of Audio Messaging App

Change can be hard. But, it doesn’t mean you should give way to progress when an audio messaging app can help improve how to communicate more effectively with your entire team. Traditional walkie talkies are dated and inefficient. You may want to consider reaping the benefits of an audio messaging app as different ways to communicate.

As we previously mentioned, maintaining walkie talkies can cost you upwards of $400 per device. Further, you can’t do much else except send two-way radio messages. With an audio messaging app, not only will your smart device act like the traditional walkie talkie we all know and love, but you can listen to them at your convenience – as many times as needed.

So, not only will the cost savings add up, but you’ll free up some much needed extra time. If saving thousands of dollars per year isn’t reason enough to switch to an audio messaging app, then we’ve got a few other considerations: 

Ensure Accountability

Sending a message via walkie talkie doesn’t guarantee that your team members will receive the memo. Especially if they are subjected to dead zones and subsequently, never receive the message. An audio messaging app ensures you team member will always receive the message. Even if in an area where wifi is spotty or cellular service is unavailable.

All messages are saved and stored. So your employees can listen to the message at their convenience, as many times as needed. Better yet, you will know that they have listened to the message with read receipts. You’ll never have to hear an excuse to why a task was not accomplished. 

Cast A Wider Net

It can be extremely frustrating when you have a 50-mile range on a device only for the connection to drop out within 35 miles. Even the best long range two-way radios have trouble keeping up a connection.

Stay Up-to-date

An audio messaging app, your team can communicate instantly. While on-the-go or even serving a customer. Get important information in real-time. No more unnecessary interruptions with a ‘Listen Later’ feature, you can opt to turn walkie talkie mode off. Your team can listen when they have a moment. Rather than allowing it to interrupt an urgent task. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop waiting for tomorrow to start to implement an audio messaging app within your organization. The best time to implement a tool is now. Otherwise, you may get caught up with the hustle and bustle of life and administrative tasks. If you still aren’t convinced that your team is ready to deploy this new technology give it a try. 

When your team communicates succinctly you can experience the benefits within your business and improve your customer’s satisfaction. Traditional walkie talkies have served its purpose. However, as times change and we reinvent new ways to communicate you will want to make sure your team is not left in the dust. 


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