iMessage vs Voxer: What’s the Difference?

Just a few blocks from Voxer HQ, Apple made some huge announcements at WWDC 2014. Most notably, the announcement of iOS 8, bringing a bundle of new features to iMessage, including voice messages. 

Some people have said that “voice is dead”, but we disagree. The way people communicate is quickly evolving. Nowadays, we still want to talk, but in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

That said, we’re excited to hear that Apple sees the importance of voice in the future of mobile messaging. And yes, we know a few of you are wondering what makes Voxer so different now.

So, here’s a few notable things:

1. Live voice is faster.

Voxer features both live and recorded audio. This provides a number of benefits, but most importantly, it means that you can have a conversation with someone in real-time versus waiting for a message upload, get sent, be listened to, then a response recorded, uploaded, sent, and so on.

Did you know that half of the messages that are sent on Voxer are responded to within 16 seconds? Some even get a response while a person is still talking! That’s live voice in action.

2. You can talk across devices.

Don’t limit yourself solely to voice chats with your friends on iPhones. Your Android and Windows Phone friends need love too. iMessage is strictly iOS to iOS, but Voxer is cross-platform, and works on any iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 device.

Pro Tip: Our paid service, Voxer Business, even works seamlessly across mobile devices and computers with Voxer for Web or Voxer for Windows.

3. You have the freedom to use any data network.

You can use Voxer anywhere in the world without worrying how many text messages you have left on your plan. We don’t care if you’re on 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi. As long as you’ve got a data connection, you can use Voxer.

In fact, you can even use it when you’ve got no connection at all. We’ll hold messages on your device until your connectivity is restored. No need to try tapping an error again and again to send your messages, it just goes!

4. Interruption is optional.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature on iOS has been a savior for avoiding those middle of the night pings from iMessage, but we decided to take things further and let users customize notifications for each conversation.

With Voxer, you can turn notifications off for some chats or flat out block messages from people you don’t want to talk to. And if you like, go crazy and crank it up to 11 with Extreme Notifications – you won’t miss a thing with those loud, repetitive alerts.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve got even more features to boast if you’re using Voxer Pro or Voxer Business. Check out more info about those services at


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