Connecting Educators Through Voxer

Voxer enthusiast and all star, Joe Mazza currently serves as Project Manager for Connected Teaching, Learning and Leadership in the North Penn school district in Pennsylvania. A longtime Voxer advocate, Joe has been spreading the good word about Voxer to the education community. 

Joe believes Voxer is an incredibly useful tool for educators in particular because it creates a collaborative place for teachers to share ideas, challenges, victories, and stories. Through Voxer, Joe has connected educators from all over the United States in one place.

In a recent blog post, Joe explained:

“The truth is, voxing with those in your PLN is like creating, in real-time, your own personal podcast that you can decide who is involved, when you listen/respond and what topics you cover. Being able to use my own words and hear the tone, empathy, and extended articulation in the voices of others around the world helps me connect on a deeper level on a wide range of topics. The best part about it is that I can participate whenever it’s convenient for me, but I can always go back and see what I missed.”

Educators and teaching professionals have increasingly been turning to Voxer as a way to connect with other teachers. What originally started out as a community on Twitter that connected through the hashtag #EdTech has grown into a group of educators from all over the country that connects daily on Voxer. Back in February, another group of educators on Voxer reached out to us to explain how much they love using Voxer.

If you are an educator looking to get involved, you can connect with Joe on Twitter. Do you have your own collaborative professional network on Voxer? We want to hear about it! Tell us more about it in the comments below.

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