Voxer iOS 3.0 Tips: Tap to Talk, the New Slide Lock

Earlier this week, we launched Voxer for iOS 3.0! The Voxer iOS app, completely redesigned with a brand new interface, battery life and speed improvements, and a few new features.

Some features have been renamed or moved to other locations within the app. Many of you have been writing in to us asking about Slide Lock. For those of you that don’t know, Slide Lock enables you to “lock” the hold and talk button so you do not need to hold down the button the entire time while recording a message.

In iOS 3.0, this feature has been renamed to “Tap to Talk”. It works just as the name implies, tap to start recording your message, and tap again when you are done recording your message. You can enable Tap to Talk by navigating to Settings > selecting “Audio and Notifications” > and turn on “Tap to Talk”.

If you haven’t updated already, you can download Voxer for iOS 3.0 in the App Store.

Be sure to check out our FAQ page for more details. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team by emailing support@voxer.com. And on that note, we would love to hear your general iOS 3.0 feedback. It’s with your feedback and bug reports that we are able to make Voxer better! You know the drill, please send any feedback or bug reports tosupport@voxer.com. Thanks!


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