Voxer for Apple Watch: Messaging Made More Convenient Than Ever

By: Irv Remedios, President

We’ve been cranking out lots of new Voxer features lately – Broadcast Chat, Starring, and Message Recall for starters – but nothing gets me going quite as much as the Apple Watch. Our goal at Voxer is to make communication more personal and your professional lives more effective and efficient. The Voxer for the Apple Watch brings us much closer to this.

With Voxer for Apple Watch, your communications are more seamless by providing fast access to text, photo and voice messages.

The moment a Voxer message comes in, Apple Watch users may tap on the notification to view the message. Reply using Siri to transcribe voice-to-text. Or, choose from a list of short, pre-loaded messages for rapid response. If a longer response is required, you can easily pick up the conversation on your iPhone, exactly where you left off.

Voxer for Apple Watch at a glance:
+ View notifications at a glance
+ View any of your Voxer chats at length
+ Preview images in chats – just tap to view
+ Discover chat members’ location by tapping on profile image
+ View your profile image
+ Reply with Siri’s voice-to-text, pre-loaded replies, or move the convo to your iPhone

Give it a go, and let us know what you think!

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