Let's fly away!

Any travel plans this summer? If you’re traveling in a group, Voxer is a great tool for keeping everyone together. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a voice message from a loved one when you’re far away.

Voxer for traveling in a group:

  • Create a new group chat. Give it a name relevant to the trip. Share it!
  • Turn location sharing on. That way, each chat member will be able to see where you are. No more getting lost!
  • Star important messages, like addresses or moments you want to remember.
  • Share photos and audio messages from your chat with others outside Voxer via Facebook, Twitter, email or a host of other options.
  • Keep your chat as a memory book of the trip, with unlimited access to messages.*

Voxer is available for iPhone and Android.
*Voxer Pro feature. Voxer Pro is a premium upgrade available in Voxer. Go here to see the benefits of upgrading to Pro.

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