Voxer for Android 1.3.2: New Themes, Usernames, Message Sharing, and More

New update alert! Android Voxer users, we recently released Voxer for Android, version 1.3.2. The new update includes new features for both Voxer and Voxer Pro users.

What’s new in 1.3.2:

  • Improved audio functionality

  • Usernames: Every Voxer user now has their own, unique username. Share your username with friends to make finding and adding friends easier. Check our support pages for more info on usernames.

  • Improved compatibility with Motorola RAZR devices: Users with Razr devices reporting crashes can now use Voxer again without crashes.


New Voxer Pro Features:

  • Larger Group Chats: Group chats can now be up to 500 people for Voxer Pro users

  • Message Sharing: Share your favorite voxes with your friends via SMS or email

  • Customizable Usernames: Don’t care for the Voxer username you were given? Change your username to whatever name you like!

  • Rich Notifications: Listening to and responding to messages just got easier. Voxer Pro customers can now listen to and respond to their messages directly from a push-notification


You can download the update from the Google Play Store. Questions or feedback? Leave them in the comments below or get in touch with us directly, support@voxer.com.

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