Voxer Business 1.2.5 Released with Single Sign-On, Increased Bluetooth Support, Ability to Save Voxes & More!

One of the most distinguishing features of Voxer Business and Voxer Pro from the free Voxer communication app is Walkie Talkie Mode. With Walkie Talkie Mode, you can stream voxes live from your device without ever opening the Voxer app. Your phone can even be locked and voxes will stream directly out of your phone.

Using a bluetooth or wired headset, Walkie Talkie Mode transforms your Voxer push to talk business app into a smart walkie talkie that works completely hands free. In addition, Walkie Talkie Mode enables users to reply back to streamed messages with the press of a button on their headset or bluetooth device. To respond back to a vox, simply press the headset button, say your message, and press the talk button a second time to stop recording. The recipient can hear your message streaming live or as a recorded message if they are busy and want to listen to it later. You can have messages streamed to you live through Walkie Talkie Mode for up to five chats, and have the capability to reply back to one.

Walkie Talkie Mode is a fantastic feature for any kind of job that requires simultaneous use of both hands and the need for communication. Windom Windows in Seattle specialized in cleaning high rise skyscrapers. Their team uses Voxer with Walkie Talkie Mode while working on scaffolds suspended over 100 feet above the ground. Drivers from Future Cab, a driving service in New York City, use Walkie Talkie Mode to communicate hands free with a dispatcher while driving.

We recently launched a new Android version of Voxer Business, version 1.2.5with expanded bluetooth capability. We introduced a number of newly supported bluetooth devices that allow you to listen to and respond back to messages using Walkie Talkie Mode including:

– Savox

– Plantronics Legend

– Plantronics Voyager Pro

– Motorola Elite

– Jambra Supreme

In addition to expanded headset and bluetooth device compatibility, we also implemented Single Sign-On support for large enterprises that have their own app store and their own employee directory. With Single Sign-On, enterprises can easily authenticate their users with Voxer Business using the same internal employee management system they currently use.

Not only did we create Single Sign-On and expand our headset device support,1.2.5 also enables Voxer Business users to change the theme of their Voxer app and also save voxes directly to a device or computer.

Welcome to communication made efficient! If you have questions about Walkie Talkie Mode or any general questions about Voxer Business, please contact our Sales Team, sales@voxer.com You can sign up for Voxer Business here and download Voxer Business 1.2.5 here.


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