Keeping People Close, From Far Away

About a month ago, we were contacted by Voxer super-user Michael Andrews.  We wanted to share his story with you through his guest blog post.

For months, a few friends were trying to get me to sign up for Voxer.  My aunt and uncle had stayed in contact with their son, stationed in Bahrain in the US Navy, through Voxer.  Eventually, I decided to check it out.  I downloaded the app in March 2012, and was immediately drawn to it, wondering, “why am I so late to this party?”  It is such a genius idea, especially for friends scattered across the country who want to stay in touch.

My closest group of friends, many of whom are in the pictures above, met at James Madison University; some are now based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, while others are in Miami and New York City.  We had regularly stayed in touch throughout ordinary days using Gmail, Gchat, Twitter, and text messages.  Unlike those other forms of communication, though, Voxer has given us the unique ability to hear each other, while keeping an instantaneous feel.  Voxer has allowed us to have ongoing, deep conversations as if we are all together.

We’ve actually developed a unique ritual.  Our Voxer Crew holds a “Question of the Day” each morning, where one member brings a unique and thought-provoking question to the group.  Recently, we’ve discussed the election, award shows, the Olympics, gay marriage, the struggle of being single or married, the trials of parenthood, and more.

There are 12 of us in our group, going back and forth, like we’re in the same room.  For the past eight months, through Voxer, we literally share our daily lives with each other.  While my wife and I were in the hospital preparing to deliver our second child, we were able to keep our friends updated on one of the most important days of our lives.

So, in short, thanks Voxer.  You’ve made me more connected to the most important people in my life.

Vox On!

Michael Andrews

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