Announcing Voxer 3.1.0 for iOS

If you didn’t already notice, we released a new version of Voxer for iOS, Voxer 3.1.0!

In 3.1.0, you’ll notice an improved compose flow for starting new messages. We received some feedback that starting new messages with the new redesign was a bit confusing, so we made some revisions. We also implemented a few bug fixes that should give you a more seamless experience on Voxer.

Other News:

Many of you have written in expressing dissatisfaction with some of the new audio features. We’ve received a lot of feedback about talking over one another, and allowing simultaneous talking within chats, as well as improvements to the auto-switch speaker and speakerphonefeature. We are reworking the audio for our iOS app, and these improvements should be coming to your Voxer app very soon. We will of course update you when that is released. We appreciate all of your feedback and your patience.

As always, if you have something you’d like to us know, please email Happy Voxing iOS users.

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