Announcing the Voxer Windows Desktop App

Great news for any Voxer Business users using Windows desktops and laptops, we have officially launched Voxer Windows Desktop! Now Windows users are able to easily send and receive live and recorded voice, text and image messages directly from your desktop. The Voxer Windows Desktop app gives you the same exact functionality as the Voxer apps, and syncs instantly with the app, enabling desk workers to seamlessly communicate with workers in the field.

“Voxer Business is being increasingly used in organizations that have centralized administrators and dispatchers, with unique needs to easily monitor and respond to messages, said Head of Product, Irv Remedios. “Quicker communication and collaboration can save time and reduce energy spent organizing employees, optimizing operations and saving on costs.”

With Voxer Windows Desktop, users are able to:

  • Access multiple chats at the same time: Desktop users can have multiple chats open on one screen and listen and view messages simultaneously.
  • Listen to live messages concurrently: Users can hear live messages as they are received, and with multiple chats open. These live messages can play at the same time, creating a walkie-talkie type feel but with multiple conversations.
  • Download messages onto the desktop: With Voxer Windows Desktop, users can download messages to store locally on their computers, enabling employees to store and keep track of messages for future reference within their own filing systems.
  • Notifications for incoming messages: When a user receives a new message, they will be notified through the desktop task bar, so they can easily see when they have new voice messages, or “voxes”, while other programs are open.
  • Wired headset support: Often desk workers are surrounded by other employees, so users can to avoid playing voxes out loud. With wired headset support, users can send and receive messages discretely, without disturbing those around them.

Voxer Windows Desktop requires Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Vista SP2. Please click here to download Voxer for Windows Desktop. For resources on using Voxer Windows Desktop, please visit our FAQ pages. If you have any questions, please contact and we would be happy to help.


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