5 Signs Your Company Needs Modern Push-to-Talk

Companies in manufacturing to field services to hospitality and transportation have long relied on two-way radios to deliver instant push-to-talk technology for their business needs. For many years, Push-to-Talk technology on two-way radios was great, in part because it was the only option available. In the digital age, walkie talkies seem clunky, loud, unsavvy, and outdated. According to a recent Pew report, 58% of Americans currently have a smartphone and that number is increasing every day. At a time when we carry small computers in our pockets, wearable technology can track our daily habits, cars are designed to drive themselves, and human organs can be made with 3D printers, isn’t it time your Push-to-Talk solution updated to the 21st century?

1. You’re Constantly Missing Messages or Asking People to Repeat Themselves

Walkie Talkies are one of the most instantaneous communication tools around, however they are only useful if the receiver is readily available to listen to your message. If you aren’t around to hear the message right when it is received, or you misunderstand something, time can be wasted repeating messages. Every single message on Voxer Business is both live and recorded. As soon as you hit the Push-to-Talk button on Voxer your message is sent live, but also recorded and saved for later playback. This offers your business more flexibility and fewer interruptions because you listen to the message when it’s convenient for you. Saved messages are also a great feature if you need to go back and reference information at a later time.

2. You Are Running Into Range Restrictions

Standard Walkie Talkies and CB radios have a 25 foot range on average. This isn’t an issue if all of your employees work from the same place, however with the rise of distributed workforces, this often isn’t the case. Voxer Business uses WiFi or cellular data to send and receive messages, making it usable in any part of the world, and a great solution for companies with distributed workforces. If you have teams in different cities, states or even countries, Voxer Business will work for your business.

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3. You Have Mobile and Stationary Employees

If you have employees working in the office while others are out in the field, it can be difficult to keep everyone in contact with one another. With Voxer for Web, Voxer Business’ push-to-talk application on your desktop or laptop, employees that work in the office can easily stay connected with employees in the field. All data and messaging seamlessly sync live on Voxer for Web and the Voxer Business apps. One Voxer Business customer, Future Cab, is a New York City based black car service. Prior to using Voxer Business Tom Brennan, the owner would dispatch his cars with cell phones. After switching to Voxer Business, Tom can now manage his entire fleet of cars in New York City from his home in Virginia Beach using Voxer for Web. Tom told us that switching to Voxer Business has not only enabled his company to expand, but also tripled the company’s profits.

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4. People Need to be Held Accountable

One of the largest issues with two-way radios is that information can be lost and it’s nearly impossible to hold people accountable. People may say they are at a location when they are somewhere else, or made a delivery that they in fact did not deliver. With Voxer Business, every single message is sent with a date and time stamp, the full name of the sender, as well as location data that tells you exactly where that message was sent from. And because every message on Voxer Business is saved, if there are discrepancies about something that was discussed over Voxer, you can go back and replay the messages for clarification. Voxer Business customer Centro Elevator used to have employees come to their main site and check in every morning prior to leaving for jobs out in the field. After switching to Voxer Business, their employees now save almost an hour of time per day by going directly to their job site in the morning and sending a vox when they get there, enabling their managers to see exactly where they are.

5. You’re Spending a Fortune on Radios

For an outdated technology, two-way radios are extremely expensive. Professional grade walkie talkies cost hundreds of dollars per walkie talkie and require expensive licenses. Xtreme Snow Pros, a Voxer Business customer was paying $16,000 annually for Motorola Radios.Another Voxer Business customer, Intel Capital saved over $67,000 on one event by switching from rented walkie talkies to Voxer Business. Voxer Business has no contracts, no cancellation fees, no setup fees, and only costs $9.95/user per month.

These are just five ways Voxer Business can bring your company communication into the 21st century, giving your more features and flexibility while saving your company time and money. If you have questions about how Voxer Business can help your company, please contact our Sales team by emailing sales@voxer.com.

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