Announcing Multi-Admin Support for Voxer Business

One of the core functionalities of Voxer Business, is the administrative control it gives managers, owners, and founders. You own the all of the data, you decide what happens to that data, and you create your own private network of users. This week, we’re happy to introduce a new feature that allows for even more administrative control, multi-admin support

Depending on the structure and needs of your organization, one administrator for your Voxer Business account may not be enough. With newly added multi-admin support, businesses can assign admins to different departments or teams. By assigning admins to departments, managers are easily able to add or remove employees to their team. Multi-admin support is a also a great feature for remote teams spread out across different geographical locations. Through assigning admins to location, they are better able to manage the employees they work the closest with. Or use multi-admin support as additional dispatching support. Create multiple dispatchers with administrative privileges to ensure dispatchers only receive messages pertinent to their team of drivers.

As always, if you have any questions about multi-admin support, please get in touch with our support team by emailing

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