Thanks Voxer, From a Military Wife,

This is a guest post from Laura, a USMC wife, a mother of a son and twin girls, and an official VoxStar.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I learned about Voxer. My first reaction was, “Why do I need a walkie-talkie?” It seemed a little silly. Aren’t texting and phone calls always the easiest ways to communicate?

But, as I soon learned, it’s often easier to vox. I’ve found that when I have something quick and simple to say, there’s no need to make a call, wait through rings, hope I’m not interrupting the person on the other line, and, as often happens, leave a voice mail. Now, I can click open the Voxer app, send a Voxer message, and I’m done. The message either comes in live, or it’s conveniently waiting for my friends and family whenever they’re ready to listen. No interrupting, no major time lost.

And since I talk faster than I write, I’m also finding that I prefer voxing to texting. Because I’m using voice communication, there’s also no confusion in the tone of what I’m trying to say. It’s silly-crazy how useful this app has been to me.

Voxer has opened new opportunities for communication in my life. As a military wife, I have many friends and family who live in different time zones. It isn’t always easy to find time to talk, and Voxer makes conversing with them much more possible. Most importantly, Voxer has allowed me to be able to keep in touch with my husband during his deployment. I continue to tell my friends and anyone I meet, especially military spouses, about this newfound tool.

Voxer is far and away the best communication app that I have every used. It’s so easy that even my 5-year-old can use it. It’s reliable. It’s clear. It’s instant. It has worked without fail while other apps have not. With Voxer, I have been able to have conversations with those I love, perfectly, every single time. Its impact on all of our lives has been beyond measure.

Semper Fi,


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