All About Voxer Business

Not too long ago we launched Voxer Business, which gives companies more control over a private network of Voxer communication. We have thousands of people using Voxer for their every day business communication, and some really interesting case studies to prove it. In addition to all the features and functionality you get with Voxer, Voxer Business includes:

– A private network of user accounts

– Full administrative access and control over company communication

– Employee account management

– Premium features such as Extreme Notifications (loud, competitive alerts   for loud environments), Walkie Talkie Mode (stream your voxes directly from your phone to a bluetooth or wired headset even if your phone is locked), and Premium Support

– Listen and respond to employee voxes on a real-time map

– A real-time map with the location of employee’s last voxes.

Check out our video to learn more about how Voxer Business works.

You can sign up your company for Voxer Business here. Once you sign up, download Voxer Business in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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