2 Reasons You Should Go Pro

Why You Should Go Pro is a new Voxer Blog series that explains the benefits and use cases of why you should upgrade to Voxer Pro. In this 4 part series, we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest Voxer Pro feature releases and explain to the skeptics out there, why it’s time you considered an upgrade.

Thousands of you have already made the upgrade to Voxer Pro and are voxing away enjoying the premium features exclusive for Pro users. If you’re still wondering why you should upgrade to Voxer Pro, allow us to enlighten you on why you should take the plunge and make the upgrade!

1. Extreme Notifications – Hate missing voxes? Extreme Notifications are really loud, repetitive alerts that go off every 15 seconds for 5 minutes or until you open Voxer and listen to the message. It’s a great feature if you often find yourself in really loud environments or communicate with someone important via Voxer (such as a spouse, boss, colleague, child, etc.) With all the noise in daily life; traffic, music, dogs, kids, sirens, planes… Extreme Notifications ensure you never miss an important vox again!

2. Walkie Talkie Mode – This Pro feature enables you to listen and respond to voxes without touching your smartphone.  Even if your Voxer app is closed and sleep mode is on, with Walkie Talkie Mode, you can stream incoming voxes through a wired or bluetooth headset and reply back with the touch of a button on your headset device. Anytime you have your hands full and still need to vox; if you’re carrying a handful of things, holding a child, or have a job that requires you to use both hands, Walkie Talkie Mode is a great option to keep voxing if your hands won’t always allow it.

These are two of the premium Voxer features you receive when you upgrade to Voxer Pro. Be on the lookout for our 2nd installment of Why You Should Go Pro for more reasons to upgrade.  If you have suggestions for Voxer Pro features or feedback, let us knowsupport@voxer.com

Until then… Vox on Voxers!

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