A Voxer Family

We were recently contacted by Dionne, who wanted to share how Voxer has impacted her life. This is the story of her “Voxer Family”. 

1.  How did your Voxer family start?

Meet the Voxer family:  Lisa, Sherry, Kimberly, Wendy, and Angela (they all live in Chicago), Jen (Washington D.C.), Lenbirgh (Las Vegas), Donnell (Texas), and Dionne (New Jersey). We are originally from Chicago and have known each other since college. My friend Lisa suggested to me that we create a Voxer group for these friends from long ago. We agreed that it would be a cool way to keep in touch with without using the telephone. The people that gravitated to the idea became members of our “Voxer family”!

2.  What role does your Voxer family play in your life?

Voxer has made a huge impact in our lives. The first thing that we do each morning is grab our iPhones & Androids and chat on Voxer. We “vox” all day about everything from “remember when” to “we should plan.” We knew each other in college but didn’t hang out until 22 years later, all because we discovered Voxer. In December 2012, we had a Voxer/pre-Christmas party and Lisa gave each of us “Voxer Books” as Christmas gifts. It was comprised of all the funny phrases that we said or talked about, illustrated by a funny picture. It was hilarious! Lenbirgh laughed until he fell behind the couch! We had a ball that day.

3.  Why do you prefer Voxer as a form of communication?

We are all in our mid 40’s and often have so much on our minds that we can’t remember where our shoes are, let alone our phone numbers. With Voxer, one click starts a conversation. Voxer’s features are amazing: we can either text, send a live or stored audio message, or send picture messages, depending on what’s convenient at any particular moment. I think that this will be the way we will communicate as time moves forward. We love it!

4.  Why would you recommend Voxer to your friends and family?

Voxer is convenient, easy, and fun! It allows us to send quick messages to those we love. We want our friends and family to know that Voxer brings people closer and reminds us that we are never alone in this world; we have the capability to connect with others in real time. Thank you Voxer for bringing us together as a family!

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