A Voxer Story for Valentine’s Day

A couple of months ago, Jackie reached out to us.  She thanked us for the role Voxer has played in her life.  We wanted to share her story with you.

1.  What role did Voxer play in meeting your significant other?

We had seen each other around town over the years, but we were never friends.  It wasn’t until August of 2012 that we began to see each other regularly once a week through mutual friends.  I always thought she was beautiful, but never my type, maybe even out of my league.

I casually mentioned Voxer in a conversation with a local friend in LA in September 2012, who, I found out, soon mentioned it to Amber.  As you know, when you download Voxer, a list of all the people in your phone who have also downloaded Voxer pop up.  My name was on that list for Amber, and she Vox’d me, “Hi Jackie Jones.”  Not long after that, I asked her to have coffee and sit under the stars.  Cheesy, but I really meant it!  😛

2.  What is unique about Voxer that has made it impactful in your relationship?

I found that because we weren’t necessarily able to control ourselves to appear “perfect” — we couldn’t simply “un-send” a message that we had begun — we were able to be real with our feelings and responses to each other.
3.  What are your future plans with Amber?
We will be moving in together in a few months and plan to stay together for however long forever is. The offer is still up for a Voxer representative to attend our wedding.

4.  What reasons would you give for recommending Voxer to others?

It helps to stay connected around town, for serious conversations, and when traveling separately.  Our society is losing its sense of touch with texting and Facebook, and Voxer, for me, is an authentic way to touch base with the ones you love when timing can be an obstacle.


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