Walkie Wednesday: Find More Friends on Voxer

Voxer uses address book matching to help you find your friends who are also on Voxer. Make sure to add your current phone number to your Voxer profile. This feature will help us match you with other Voxer users. Here is how to add your phone number:

  • To access your profile on your iPhone, go to your chat list > tap the “Chat” button (in the upper right corner) > tap “Edit your profile” > enter phone number.
  • To access your profile on Android version 1.0 and above, go to your “Me” tab > tap the blank phone number field > enter phone number.


Please remember that we do not share your phone number or email with other users and we will not call or spam you. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information: https://www.voxer.com/privacy-policy

Also note that entering an incorrect or false phone number into this field may result in being matched with unknown contacts!

For more information on finding more friends on Voxer, check out this support page!:


Be on the lookout for more Voxer tips on “Walkie Wednesdays!”

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