5 Ways to Deal with Criticism at Work

5 Ways to Deal with Criticism at Work

You head off to your one-on-one with your boss with high spirits. Conversation is flowing and ideas are endless. Until you hear the dreaded comment, “I have a little feedback for you.” Turns out that project you’ve been slaving over the last couple of month’s isn’t quite up to your bosses standards.

Try not to panic and avoid letting a little feedback feel like a sucker punch to the stomach. These 6 simple approaches will help you flip this from a negative to a positive and deal with criticism at work.


1. Listen carefully

Don’t jump to a horrified conclusion. Take a step back and listen to the other person’s perspective (even if you don’t agree). Make sure you heard them correctly. Repeat back to the person on the other end what you think you heard – avoiding any misunderstandings and future conflicts. 

2. Say thanks

Even though feedback can be tough to take, take it with a grain of salt and know you’ll do/be better because of it. If anything it is a lesson in listening.

3. Ask questions, seek wisdom

Remember the days of school when your teacher would tell you to ask questions in your didn’t know the answers? Same goes for adulthood. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong or have questions it’s best to ask and not assume.

4. Give yourself a break

Don’t beat yourself up – feedback doesn’t mean you are doing a bad job. Brush off any bad juju off your back and keep moving. Take careful thought about what the other person said, but don’t waste time mulling over it in a negative way.

4. Follow up

Follow ups aren’t only for going on an interview or checking back in with that latest sales prospect. Check in a month or two down the line and ask them for feedback on any changes you’ve made. 
Remember, there are always benefits to receiving feedback. Consider it a great tool for improving internal communication amongst your team. When in doubt, consider utilizing these 5 technique for dealing with criticism at work like a champ! 
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