Voxer PRO: Take your team communication to the next level

Voxer PRO: Take your team communication to the next level

What is Voxer PRO?
Voxer PRO is a premium version of Voxer with additional features to optimize your team communication and give you more control.

For a full comparison of Voxer plans go here.

  • Voice-to-Text Transcription – With Voice-to-text transcription, you can see a written copy of audio messages. (available on iOS 10 and Android)
  • Unlimited Message Storage -Access your Voxer messages for as long as you’d like with unlimited storage.  Free users have storage limit of 30-days.
  • Message Recall – Oops, didn’t mean to send a message? Use Recall to retract it from other chat members’ devices.
  • Walkie Talkie Mode – This enables you to listen and record audio from any chat, even when you’re not in Voxer or have your device locked.
  • Admin Control – Create your own group chat with added controls of members and ability to recall others messages.
  • Broadcast Chats – Send messages to a group of contacts but they cannot reply.
  • Extreme Notifications – Never miss a vox!  Extreme notifications enables a louder, more persistent tone that alerts you of a new message every fifteen seconds for five minutes, or until you listen to the message.
  • Save Messages – Save your Voxes directly to your phone and transfer them to your computer so you never lose them (on Android and Web only).
  • Premium Support – Submit your feedback or questions via the app to be tagged as a Pro user and get bumped to the front of the line!
  • Pay for Teams – Add and remove users, and manage payment for your entire team on Voxer Pro.


Getting Your Team on Voxer PRO
Reference our quick guide to get your team on Voxer PRO.

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