Voxer Pro: An Introduction with Voxer COO Itamar Kandel

To help introduce the world to Voxer Pro, we wanted to share an interview with Voxer’s COO Itamar Kandel, about working for Voxer, the reasons for Voxer Pro, and more.

Why did you want to work at Voxer?

I always loved using walkie-talkies as a kid, and when I first started using Voxer it was like reliving my childhood. But, very quickly, I understood that the potential of the technology was so much greater than as just a free walkie-talkie app. After speaking with Tom Katis, our CEO, I learned that his vision wasn’t to solely build useful software for the iPhone and Android devices, it was to build a next-generation carrier at the scale of Verizon and AT&T.

I want to work here because of the versatility of our product; there is no other communication tool in the world like Voxer. Users can speak live, have every audio message recorded, and send text, photos, and location data. Voxer has merged many of the messaging functionalities that people need into one app.

Why did Voxer create Voxer Pro?

From the time I joined the company, we knew that there were millions of people using Voxer for business purposes – we could see clusters of users talking frequently across our network during business hours to get work done.  We also heard from business users that in order to begin using Voxer for commercial purposes, they needed more.

At its core, and similar to paid e-mail solutions such as MS-Exchange, Voxer Pro provides businesses and individuals control of their data, ownership of their data, and a specific identity.  Voxer Pro offers an admin portal that makes uploading and managing a company’s users simple. Admins have the power to create and edit unique Teams – similar to e-mail distribution lists – to allow groups, like a Sales Department or Store Managers, to easily communicate with each other. Voxer Pro is also a secure communications network that allows businesses to protect their sensitive data.

This is just the beginning. We will be launching many more features in the near future that will make Voxer Pro even better for business use.

Why are you excited about Voxer Pro?

I can’t tell you how many times people tell me that “voice is dead.” Voice is not dead; in this age of an overwhelming demand on our time, traditional, interruptive phone calls are dead. We believe that by incorporating the non-interruptive eqtiquette of texting into Voxer, we have created a technology that allows the richness of voice communication to adapt to the modern world.

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