Top 5 Reasons to Convert to Voxer

Voxer Superstar Jenny Fan outlines her top five reasons to why you and all your friends should start using Voxer:

1) More personal than texting – you can convey personality and humor far more easily with your voice than you can with a text.

2) Faster and more convenient than texting – it’s much faster to leave a vox than write a text. In addition,  if you have your hands full, it’s much easier to press a single button and leave a message than it would be to type out everything that you want to say.

3) You have the option to vox and/or text (and send photos!) – texting is available on Voxer, so you can use either format depending on the situation.  Voxer gives you the option of voice or text (or photo) which traditional texting does not. It also won’t use up cell phone plan minutes or text plans when you message!

4) Great for friends in other time zones – unlike Skype or phone calls, Voxer has the same etiquette as texting, so there’s no pressure to immediately reply.  It’s a great way to stay in touch without having to coordinate times to chat or set aside time for a live conversation.

5)Different than traditional voicemail – unlike a typical voicemail, when you vox you don’t need to wait for the phone to ring over and over or listen to a person’s entire greeting before you can leave your intended voicemail message. Worse, they may actually answer! Awkward! Whenever you don’t want to have a live conversation with someone, but merely want to convey a message or share a humorous comment that they can listen and respond to at their convenience, Voxer will allow you to do so quickly and personally.

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