Take and Share Videos on Voxer

Video has long been our most-requested feature, and now, we are happy to oblige. Available for iOS users – for now! We promise it’s coming to Android soon.

If an iOS user shares a video with an Android user, both will be able to watch it. But only iOS users can create and share 15 second videos.

How to take and share a video on Voxer (iOS):
1. Open any Voxer chat.
2. Tap on paperclip icon in lower, left-hand corner.
3. Choose Take Photo or Video. Tap to take a photo, long press to take a video. Lift finger to stop recording.
4. Video will then play back in a loop for your review. Tap on green button if you wish to share it. If you want to try video recording again, hit the X in the upper, left-hand corner.

NOTE: Videos that you share on Voxer will be stored in Photos on your iOS device.

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