Leveraging Instant Communication in the Hospitality Industry

Every hotel struggles at one point or another to nail down an effective communication system. One of the biggest considerations is what communication platform should your hotel use?

Traditional communication systems, have their setbacks. Two-Way Radios are loud, limited in functionality and expensive. Cellular based push-to-talk is voice only, and can have spotty coverage inside a building. Phone calls are not an effective long-term solution as too much time is wasted trying to connect to other employees.

We’ve been working with businesses in the hospitality industry worldwide and feel confident that our app offers the perfect combination of real-time communication and high-quality playback to ensure that messages arrive quickly and leave no room for misinterpretation. Here are a few ways any hotel business could benefit from using Voxer Business.

Delegate Without Getting Cut Out 

Almost everyone in the hospitality industry is use to waves of high guest activity to respond to. Whether that means more or less work than expected, you’re forced to develop the ability to adapt quickly. When you’re working with a large team that may be spread out across a large building or multiple locations, you’re forced to delegate.

The problem with delegation and radios is that unless you’re a master at keeping tabs on whose voice sounds like what, tasks can slip under the radar and there won’t be a person to point a finger at.

The key to holding your staff accountable is having a record of everything that is going on. Voxer Business provides you with time stamps on every single message, so you know who said what, when, and from where, ensuring that expectations are always clear.

By providing such accountability, Voxer Business enables owners and managers to trust their teams to get the job done. Voxer allows you to stay in the loop and service critical systems/needs on the fly. You can also diagnose problems with a picture, accompanied by a voice message.

You can also jump from team to team or location to location without having to actually travel between places. As an added bonus, this helps your management staff see how the team is doing, who needs more help and direction, and who might be ready for more work.

Successful Conferences Require Superb Coordination 

Your everyday clientele is the lifeblood of any hotel, but big events are vital to the growth and profitability of your business as well. With big events come more moving pieces to manage, more people to manage, and less room for error. Not to mention, many hotels have dead zones which can be problematic for event organizers. With Voxer Business, you never have failed messages because messages wait on your device and are delivered as soon as your WiFi or Data network is back.

Using radios at large events or conferences is challenging because radios are loud, and during a frantic event it can be easy to miss communicate. Not to mention, it can reflect badly on your hotel if your staff are communicating loudly over walkie talkies during a live event. With Voxer Business, you choose the type and volume of your notifications, so it can be as discreet as you need it to be. And because each employee has their own Voxer Business account, you always see who sent which message.

Also, because Voxer Business runs on cellular data or WiFi, if you have no service, messages will record and be sent when you receive service again, ensuring that no messages are ever lost or undelivered.

Voxer Business even has location data attached to every message, so if you are coordinating an event at a large conference center or with multiple locations, viewing location data can save a lot of time of trying to locate one another.

This communication can continue throughout the day and into the different stages of the event. New team members and vendors can be added to different conversations to coordinate other elements that need to be done like entertainment or transportation for attendees. You can even rest easy knowing that your event staff can play back all of the important messages they may have missed.

Everyday Customer Experience is Paramount

But all of these points are mere appetizers to one overarching and unique truth about the hospitality industry: Everyday customer experience is paramount. And the last thing a customer wants to deal with is an employee who is trying to monitor a loud radio, while they’re trying to achieve something with that person.

The great thing about Voxer Business is that with Walkie-talkie mode, messages can stream through live to a user and straight into a headset. Monitor up to five conversations, and respond back to one direct from the headset.

The comprehensive customer experience is developed based on everything that happened from the time they walked through your door to the time they walk out, and many of those impressions can happen in an instant, leaving you with zero time to spare across the board.

Luckily for you, we’ve been working on making life and business easier for everyone in the industry by improving your ability to effectively coordinate and communicate with everyone who plays a role in your success.

Download our hospitality white paper for a full list of ways your hotel can benefit from Voxer Business. If you have any questions, please contact sales@voxer.com.

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