Five Reasons To Get On Voxer Business

We here at Voxer have been tirelessly plugging away at our newest, and most exciting product yet, Voxer Business! Designed and optimized for businesses, Voxer Business gives you advanced features, admin tools, enhanced notification options, and much more!

Here are 5 reasons your company should sign up today and take advantage of Voxer Business.

1. Control Your Network – Voxer Business comes with full administrative control, allowing you to manage user accounts in your private network and manage how information is exchanged among users.

2. Manage Teams – You can dynamically pre-set teams so users in your network can start chats quickly and keep conversations targeted to the right people.

3. Get Extreme Notifications – Get loud and more repetitive alerts when you need them. Whether you are in a loud space or just wanting for that important message, this feature allows you to customize your notification settings for various situations.

4. Mapping Capabilities – Business these days is less and less an activity that happens in the office. See everyone’s Voxes on a real-time map and manage your team anywhere in the world with geolocation capabilities.

5. Voxer for Web – Use the same push-to-talk functionality of Voxer Business on your desktop or laptop. Voxer for Web is a great solution for dispatchers or teams that work both inside and outside of the office.

Be on the lookout for many more features coming soon! We love to hear feedback too. If you have suggestions for Voxer Pro, tell our Product Team or let us know in the comments below.

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