5 Signs Your Communication Methods Needs Improving

5 Signs Your Communication Methods Needs Improving
Do you shrug your shoulders when asked how well you’d rate your communication methods? Or, would you scoff at the question. You know you have perfect communication skills. You’ve read “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” more times than you can count on one hand.
Have you asked anyone recently for feedback on your approach? If you haven’t recently make sure you aren’t missing a beat.
Not sure if you communication methods need a boost? Here are 5 signs that your communication methods need work. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some ways to improve.

5 Signs your communication methods need improvement

On the ride to work you ask your co-worker the same question everyday

Your carpool pals now turn the radio up to maximum capacity. You can’t hear yourself let alone have a conversation without shouting.
If you ask your co-worker the same question over and over again they will assume that you aren’t listening. Regardless if what their kids names are or what they think about your bosses intentions.
Think of a time, when someone asked you the same question over and over again. How did it make you feel? The person on the other end may feel like you aren’t listening or don’t care what they have to say.
Rather than accuse the party on the other end that they don’t understand you, ask questions. It’s possible a simple misunderstanding. 
Voxer PRO Tip: Jot down notes or ask questions to your boss in Voxer. If your on the forgetful side, you can replay their instructions as many times as necessary.

When carpooling to work you never offer to take the driver seat

Being in the drivers seat isn’t for everyone.  But, sometimes  you need to grab the keys and get going. Otherwise, your usual travel campaigns will feel like your personal chauffeur. When you fail to take the driver seat, you opt to never take charge.

Even if you aren’t in a leadership role at work you don’t always need to play follow the leader.

In fact, if you show initiative and take charge your boss and those who surround you will notice.

When you just always take a back seat you miss the opportunity to communicate to your boss and other co-workers. You lose the ability to work collaboratively when not speaking your mind.

If you notice that you opt out of driving – try taking the wheel for a change.

You start and end your day with yoga (anxiety)

Even your yoga teacher thinks you need to cut back.

Do you notice that anytime you need to give a presentation at work you sprint to the restroom?

Public speaking isn’t for everyone but luckily there are ways you can practice if you trip over your words.

Improve your asana tip: revert back to your childhood. Pretend to accept that Oscar like you used to when you were a kid, by practicing public speaking in a mirror.

VOX your heart out. Prepare and record a monologue for your boss or a presentation you have in a couple of weeks.

Listen back to the recording and take notes of how you can improve but don’t neglect to note what you think you did well. However, it turns out, don’t let yourself feed defeated. You can always send them to a co-worker or friend for extra feedback.

Right before the big presentation – pick from a variety of techniques to make you relax. Go for a stroll around the block, sit in quiet or do some simple stretches in your desk chair.

…and even with all of that yoga your wrists are still tight

How many hours a day would you estimate you spend typing or texting? It’s probably more than you’d like to admit. Nowadays, it can be rather tedious to pick up the phone rather than just send a text message or make a phone call. Will they or won’t they answer?

Ultimately, sending text messages isn’t efficient. It takes 15 seconds or more to send a text message and up to 53 seconds just to leave a voicemail.

Time saving tip: send live audio messages via Voxer. Whether you work remotely for a technology start up, manage a hotel, or drive a taxi – live audio messaging works for every industry. Save time and give your wrists a rest.

Eventually you get ghosted (by someone you still have to see everyday)

Do you break out into a hot flash every time your boss takes a couple of hours or days to get back to you? You constantly ruminate and think to yourself, “what does this mean?” Maybe it’s your repetitive questions, lack of enthusiasm or not taking initiative.

Perhaps, you are constantly repeating yourself, not asking enough questions, or not reiterating on their feedback correctly. Whatever it may be, being ghosted by someone you know is far less than on an online date gone wrong.

If you find this is happening, it’s time to improve your communication methods right away. The last thing you want is having a colleague that walks out of their way so they don’t have to see you. (We’ve all done it).

PRO TIPS:  Although one-on-ones with your boss, are fabulous not all company’s apply these principals or have time to do these weekly. If you don’t suggest it to your boss – maybe it will get you a gold star.

Excellent communication methods don’t always come naturally. Check in with yourself, ask for feedback and talk to your team. Don’t be hard on yourself.

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