Roto-Rooter Selects Voxer Business for Push-to-Talk Needs

Roto-Rooter, the largest plumbing and drain service in the United States, has chosen Voxer Business as their communication solution to connect and enable desk and field workers with instantaneous communication. With 110 company-owned and over 500 franchise locations in the country, Voxer Business will enable Roto-Rooter’s service technicians to easily get in touch with supervisors and dispatchers while they are out in the field, improving collaboration and efficiency.

“Push-to-Talk is a crucial communication tool for our field employees, and therefore for our overall business, said Joyce Welage, director of office operations, Roto-Rooter. “…Voxer allows efficient, simple communication between Roto-Rooter service technicians, supervisors, and dispatchers.”

Roto-Rooter currently has 800 service technicians that are using Voxer Business to stay in touch with their team, and is expected to double that number in 2014. Since Voxer Business is carrier and device agnostic, Roto-Rooter has complete flexibility and does not need to change any existing devices or services plans. One of the primary reasons Roto-Rooter chose Voxer Business is that it supports live and recorded voice, so that employees are able to communicate quickly, while simultaneously storing their messages for playback, ensuring that they never miss critical messages.

Find out why other field service companies are using Voxer Business by downloading our Field Services White Paper. Voxer Business currently costs $9.95/month per user and is available on any iOS, Android, or WP8 device. If you have questions about Voxer Business, please contact our Sales Team by emailing

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