How Push-To-Talk Can Help Your Business

With Nextel phasing out its PTT in the middle of 2013, new technological strides have been made to deliver the best service. As of January 2014, Voxer has implemented a web version for it’s Business service, Voxer Web, allowing stationary members of a business to communicate with several workers at once.       

When it comes to maximizing efficiency in your day to day, having prompt communication can lead to huge savings in money, time, and human resources. The push-to-talk application allows your phone to be used as a walkie-talkie, across a mobile network, all at the push of a button. Businesses of any size that have employees at different job sites will benefit most by keeping operations on track.

With many options emerging for the technology, it’s important to understand what features can best serve your needs before investing in a subscription. Here are several reasons Push-To-Talk may be right for you and your business.

Live and Recorded Messages

Some company’s limit communications to strictly live messages, meaning that once a message is sent, and no recipient is found, the message will be lost. Voxer Business allows you to send out a message to be heard live and, if not received, saved for future listening. Your employees will be able to hear the message later if they couldn’t answer right away, even if the message was sent days before.

Voxer is not limited to voice messages, either. If there are times when listening to an audio message simply is not appropriate, the platform allows for transmission of text and pictures on loud work sites or in mobile locations.

Cross-Carrier and WiFi Capable on Any Device

With many comparable PTT services arising as an option for specific mobile carriers, it’s not always possible to use PTT technology when your employees have different cell phone providers. Voxer works with any carrier in the world as long as you have access to Google Play, the iTunes store, or the Windows Store.

For those conscious of their data usage, Voxer will also work off of Wi-Fi just as well. Why pay twice for cell phone and Interent when you can utilize just one at a time?

Administrative Control 

As the head of a company, it is imperative you have admin controls for any platform you use for communication. With Voxer Business Manager, one or more admins has the ability to:

  • Add or remove employees using the Single-Sign On (SSO) feature
  • Access all data and communications performed
  • Check the status of team members by seeing who’s available

In addition, multiple administrators can be assigned, allowing for distributed monitoring and management of communications based on department or region.

Multi-admin support image.png

Additional Benefits

1. Cut Down On Phone Calls: While mobile data rates still apply, sending quick informative messages to multiple team members will drastically decrease the amount of time and money spent on phone calls.

2. Reduce The Amount Of Emails You Have To Send: While email is still an efficient means of communicating between teams, it can be much easier sometimes to send off a quick voice memo to relay the same information.

3. Group Calling: Push-to-talk phones can open a conversation with an entire group at once, helping to coordinate things faster.

4. Communicate Internationally: Contact using strictly voice can be a challenge if you’re working with colleagues overseas. Application based PTT can send your voice across international borders; a feat that cellular networks cannot achieve without a hefty premium.

5. Communicate With Tone:  One of the unforeseen benefits of voice is the ability to communicate rapidly, while also conveying the correct tone of voice. Text messaging is brief, but often we miss out on how something is being said, which can lead to misinterpretation.

6. View Location Data: Messages sent come with location data attached so you see exactly where the sender is located. Great for deliveries and check-ins at the beginning of a shift.

Push-to-talk is pushing the boundaries of mobile communication. Look into different packages and services and choose the one that fits your unique needs. Your team, productivity, and profit can all benefit from this revolution in connectivity.

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  1. How Push-To-Talk Can Help Your Business? Just as HitPay simplifies payment processing for SMEs, push-to-talk technology streamlines communication, fostering efficiency and collaboration within your organization. Embrace this innovative tool to enhance productivity and streamline operations.

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