Announcing Voxer for Web

It’s here! This week we officially launched Voxer for Web. The same Voxer walkie talkie experience you know and love is now available on your desktop or laptop for all Voxer Business users. Using the same push-to-talk functionality as the Voxer app, with Voxer for Web you can send audio, text, or image messages directly through your computer to teams or individuals in your organization. In addition to the core functionality of Voxer, with Voxer for Web you can:

  • Participate in conversations directly from your desktop using your Chrome browser

  • Wired headset support – listen to voxes at the office without disturbing other members of your organization around you

  • Access multiple chat windows on one screen

  • Listen to multiple chats in Live Mode – in addition to using Walkie Talkie Mode on with your Voxer app, you can now use Live Mode on Voxer Web and listen to multiple chats in real-time, facilitating instant communication among you and your team members

In a recent interview, Voxer’s Chief Revenue Officer, Itamar Kandel explained to TechCrunch how Voxer for Web enables mobile workforces and desk workers to collaborate,

“Voxer for web provides a unified experience while also including unique features that will enable administrators and dispatchers to monitor multiple conversations, people, or teams – all from a computer… Voxer can now service the communication needs of not just mobile employees, but also the needs of the entire organization. Voxer for Web will serve as the connective tissue between the mobile and stationary workforces”. –  Voxer CRO Itamar KandelThe NextWeb echoed the same sentiment, “…adding a desktop client is smart for messaging, and that’s particularly true when your core audience is business users since it helps keep teams connected conveniently during the working day, when desktops are often the primary device.”

Voxer for Web is available for all Voxer Business users on Google Chrome. IE and Firefox support is coming soon. Sign up for Voxer Business here. Voxer Business currently costs $9.95/user/month. Questions or feedback? Please contact


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