Announcing Voxer Business on Windows Phone 8

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Voxer’s enterprise-grade platform, Voxer Business on Windows Phone 8! If you are a company with employees on Windows Phone devices, those employees are now able to join the rest of your company on Voxer Business’ private communication network. 

Using the existing Voxer application available in the Windows Store, and signing in with your Voxer Business credentials, you can use Voxer Business on any Windows Phone 8 device. The release enables Business users to utilize predefined teams, set up by the company administrator in the Voxer Business Administrator. This allows for easy, one-touch communication with a specific department or the entire company.

“To accommodate the growing mobile workforce and the expansion of the Windows Phone device market, we wanted to be sure we continued to ensure support for the full umbrella of leading mobile OS providers,” said Irv Remedios, Voxer’s Head of Product. “By introducing support for Windows Phone 8, we are fulfilling our core mission to create a reliable, efficient communication platform for businesses around the globe.

If you have questions about using Voxer Business on Windows Phone 8, please visit our FAQ pages or email

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