A Voxer Story of Connection: Justin Stewart

Just over a week ago, Voxer super-user Justin Stewart reached out to us. He told us that Voxer helps him stay connected in the world; he has a friend in Germany, and without Voxer, they wouldn’t be as close. Here is his Voxer story.
1.  How did you learn about Voxer?

One day I thought to myself, “I wonder if there’s a good Walkie-talkie app on the Google Play store. One that will let me keep in touch with friends from other countries and is free to use.” After I searched — and I really liked Voxer’s “Walkie” logo — I read about it. I loved the description, learned that Voxer has no ads, and decided to download it.

2.  With whom do you use Voxer?
I use Voxer with friends who are local and international; I use Voxer to talk to my friend from Germany. Without Voxer, it was incredibly difficult to talk to her because of the time difference.  Plus all other forms of communicating — phone calls, e-mail, etc. — made consistent communication very difficult. Now with Voxer, she and I conveniently talk almost every day. The app helps make me feel closer to her.

3.  What makes Voxer your preferred communications app?
The ease of use, the fact that the app is 100% free, and, perhaps most importantly, it works GREAT! I love the fact that when you are recording your message, your friend can hear you talking in real time! It’s an efficient and convenient way to make plans without having to deal with the inefficiencies of phone calls.

4.  Would you recommend Voxer to friends and family?  If so, why?

Yes, in fact I try to get everyone I know to use Voxer! It works phenomenally and it’s free!

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