6 Reasons Your Company Needs Voxer Business: White Paper

A recent Siemens study found that more than 40% of the work week is spent managing communication inefficiencies. Many of these communication inefficiencies are a result of email overload, telephone tag, and constant interruptions throughout the day from your inbox or phone. Email and phone calls cause interruptions in your work day, making you and your team less productive. 

Better, smarter communication solutions can reduce wasted time, boost productivity and increase profits. At Voxer, we understand what wastes time at companies, and what helps them become more productive. For nearly five years, we’ve worked to develop one of the smartest and quickest communication solutions on the market: Voxer Business.

We call Voxer Business ‘The Next Generation of Push-to-Talk’ because Voxer gives you the instant voice you get with traditional push-to-talk solutions, coupled with the respond when you want to convenience of texting. Here are two ways Voxer Business can drastically reduce the amount of inefficient communication at your business:

1. Cut Down on Phone Calls: If a phone call is made each time something needs to get done, large amounts of time are spent dialing numbers, waiting for someone to pick up, exchanging pleasantries, leaving voicemails and so on. Over time, this can be hugely expensive for a business. Voxer Business is a faster way to communicate because it’s a live messaging service. Your voice can be heard in real-time, but everything is also simultaneously recorded and saved as a message.

2. Reduce Email Volume: Almost everyone has been confronted at one point or another with email overload. A recent survey by the technology market research firm, Radicati Group, reports that a typical email user sends and receives about 105 emails per day! Much of the back and forth of email can be eliminated with Voxer Business. Replace the lengthy back and forth of email with short audio messages sent from your phone or desktop.

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These are just a couple of ways Voxer Business can streamline your organization’s communication, limit distractions, and overall, increase your company output. To learn more ways Voxer Business can help communication at your company, please download our White Paper: 6 Reasons Your Company Needs Voxer Business.


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