Data Retention Policy

If the administrator of your Voxer Business account elects to have data deleted after a specified period of time, we will take reasonable steps to remove the data from our system. On the users' devices as well as Voxer servers, text, photo, and voice messages (“Messages”) will be deleted when they are older than the specified retention period. For our internal research and product development purposes, we will retain, on our servers, anonymized message header data, but this data cannot be associated with a particular user account. This anonymized data does not contain audio, image, or text content from messages.

While we make a reasonable effort to remove Messages from devices and servers, certain forensic tools exist that may still be able to recover data after it has been deleted.

Messages sent to users on another Voxer Business account with a longer retention period will be deleted from our servers and the recipients' devices on the expiration of that longer retention period. For example, Company X has specified a 90 day retention period, and Company Y has specified a 180 day retention period on its account. If users from Company X send messages to users at Company Y, the Company X initiated messages will be retained as part of the Company Y account for 180 days.