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Your team has secure, real-time communication in one powerful push-to-talk (PTT) app. For iPhone, Android, and the web.

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Basic features, great for connecting family and friends across the globe.

For iPhone, Android, and the web Download


  • Live and Recorded Voice
  • Text, Photos, Videos, and Location Sharing
  • One-on-One Chats
  • Large Group Chats (500 people)
  • Message Forwarding
  • SSL Encryption
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Voxer for Web


Premium features for easy and efficient small team communication.

$3.99 user/month
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  • Everything in PERSONAL +
  • Walkie Talkie Mode
  • Unlimited Message Storage
  • Admin Controlled Chats
  • Voice-to-text Transcription
  • Message Recalling
  • Extreme Notifications
  • Broadcast Chats
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Premium Customer Support


A private communication network for larger businesses and high performance teams.

$6.25 user/month
Billed yearly View Details

Real-time voice messaging

  • You can hear messages as people speak, or listen later at your convenience.
  • Use instant voice communication alongside voice, send text, photos, video, gifs, and share your location.
  • Works on any network on iPhone, Android, and the web.

Personal Voxer benefits that connect family & friends

Live and Recorded Audio

You can hear messages as people speak, or listen later at your convenience.


Alongside voice, send text, photos, video, gifs, and share your location.

Safe and Secure

Data is sent through encrypted connections and stored in a secure cloud.

Large Group Chats

Create chats with up to 500 individuals or team contacts.

Headset Integrations

Hook up your wired or Bluetooth headsets to respond back hands-free.

Voxer for Web

When you are at your desk, listen and respond to your contacts from a desktop.

Download Personal Voxer

For iPhone, Android, and the web

Voxer FAQ

  • What is Voxer?

    Voxer is a live messaging application that brings push-to-talk technology to smartphones. Our service features live and recorded voice - if you push the button to talk, you can be heard on the other end as you speak, and everything is also simultaneously recorded so you and the recipient(s) can play back any message later.

    Unlike other push-to-talk services and systems, Voxer also has integrated text, photo, and location sharing which can be sent alongside voice messaging. You can talk to individuals or groups - select up to 5 chat participants to communicate with at once (or up to 500 using Voxer Pro).

  • How does Voxer work?

    Voxer works over any cellular data network (2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE, LTE) and over WiFi. Anywhere there’s a data signal, you can vox - we have groups of individuals talking to each other in over 200 countries.

  • What devices does Voxer work on?

    Voxer is a free application that can be downloaded onto any iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod), or Android device.

  • How much data does Voxer use?

    Voxer uses a minimal amount of data. The average audio message on Voxer is about 7 seconds and uses about 14KB of data. Text messages on Voxer average about 700 bytes of data.

    To put this in context, to hit 1GB of data sending messages on our service, you would need to send approximately 34,000 voice messages or 1.5 million text messages.

  • What is Voxer Pro?

    Voxer Pro is an in-app upgrade that unlocks premium features. Check out the “Settings” page and click the banner to upgrade. Voxer Pro includes a number of special features that enhance the app experience.

    Here are a few:

    Voice-to-text Transcription - Transcribe audio messages into text

    Unlimited Message Storage - Store all of your messages on Voxer for as long as you’d like

    Admin Controlled Chats - Add and remove users from a chat with complete control

    Walkie Talkie Mode - Get two-way radio functionality on your smartphone, and use a headset to respond back hands-free

    Extreme Notifications - Never miss a message with loud, persistent notifications

    Voxer Pro is currently available in our iOS or Android apps for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

  • What is Voxer Business?

    If you are looking for a perfect solution for a company with more than 20 people, request a demo on