Why Realtors Need Voxer Business

A recent survey by the California Association of Realtors 2013 found that according to homebuyers, three of of the top five reasons for dissatisfaction with a real-estate agent all centered around communication. Of the 1,400 recent home buyers surveyed, the results showed the top three pain points of working with realtors were:

1. Slow Response Time (82%)

2. Ineffective/inefficient communication (48%)

3. Undesirable communication methods (43%)

In an industry that moves fast and where referrals still provide the most valuable leads, it’s essential to make sure that clients feel valued, important and prioritized. Realtors understand that buying a home can be a stressful situation, especially for new homebuyers, and it’s essential to make the process as seamless as possible. Inefficient communication slows purchases, minimizes new leads, and decreases overall productivity for both the realtor and the buyer.

Increasingly, realtors are making the switch to Voxer Business. With Voxer’s instant push-to-talk business solution, agents can send short voice messages updating clients on a home they are interested in or quickly set up appointments without the hassle of back and forth emails. In addition, with Voxer Business:

Real Estate companies can create and organize teams and communicate with multiple people or teams at the same time

Keep mobile and stationary teams connected with Voxer for Web; the same Voxer push-to-talk product available on a desktop or laptop

Instant voice communication reduces time spent trying to connect and coordinate via email, SMS, or phone calls

Keep your client and company communication all in one integrated mobile network

Help keep you and your appointments on time by knowing how far away your clients and colleagues are with a real time map showing the location of where a vox was sent from

(Here I’d like to add something about being able to give clients the free version but don’t want to downsell Voxer Biz… Any suggestions?)

Questions? Please contact us sales@voxer.com. Save you and your clients time by switching to Voxer Business.

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