Name Games: The Most Popular Voxer Names

This is the second installment of Voxer Data, a Voxer blog series showcasing interesting facts and stats about how Voxer users are using Voxer.

This week, we examined the most popular names on Voxer. With millions of users of all ages worldwide, we discovered quite a bit of diversity in the top names on Voxer.

Below see the top 10 most popular user first names, the top 10 message senders, and the top 10 most talkative users (send the largest audio messages on average). Did your name make the list?

Some fun facts about the Top Voxer Names:

  • The name Chris (Christopher) was in the top 10 most popular baby names in the United States from 1970 – 2008!

  • The name Jazmin (variants Yasmin, Jasmine) was the most popular name given to baby girls from 1973 – 2009 in the U.S., Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, and Argentina.

  • From 1983 – 2001, the name Ashley ranked in the top 5 most popular names for girls in the United States

  • Over the last 100 years, the name Michael has been the #1 name for boys in the United States over 43 times!

  • The name Lindsay was primarily given to men until the 1970’s when it gained popularity for women.

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